Poker Player Loses $55 Pot But Awarded $156,402 Bad Beat Jackpot

A poker player has been celebrating his ‘bad luck’, after having his quad sevens beaten by quad eights and then being awarded the $156,402 Bad Beat Jackpot at Carbon Poker, last week.
The online poker player known as “dk2112” was sitting at the $100 max $0.5/$1 NL table, when he was dealt pocket 7’s and limped into the pot.
After the flop fell 7-8-2 rainbow making “dk2112” three of a kind, Stingray57 made a small bet but was then raised by “BlackOutBob” who had also made a set with pocket eights.
Another 7 fell on the turn, making “dk2112” quads who once again just called “BlackOutBob” $5 bet but an 8 on the river saw “BlackOutBob” make quads himself and push his last remaining $6.50 to the centre of the table.
Online player “dk2112” made the call expecting to take down the $55 pot but his disappointment soon turned to joy as it became apparent he had just taken down the site’s Bad Beat Jackpot, worth an incredible $156,402.
However, “dk2112” wasn’t alone in his celebrations and in addition to the $55 pot “BlackOutBob” was awarded $78,201 for holding the winning hand, while the remaining five players at the table received $13,033 a piece for merely being there.
Commenting on the remarkable hand, Head of Acquisitions at Carbon Poker, Atil Singh said:
“We are excited each time our Bad Beat Jackpot goes off. It has the power to possibly change the players’ lives, depending on the amount. The majority of the time, our Bad Beat Jackpot hits at the lower stakes, which give the players a huge boost. Our largest jackpot was over $1.2 million and we hope we can break this record in the near future.”
In the meantime, the win comes comes just a few days after another online poker player called ‘RUNURAGGED’ was awarded $100,956 for the indignity of having his quad nines beaten by quad queens at a $0.25/$0.50 NL table on Ultimate Bet.
As well as being fun to play at, Bad Beat Jackpot tables are always a huge draw for online poker rooms and over the past 3 years Ultimate Bet alone has paid out a staggering $60 million in prizes.

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