Negreanu Disgusted After Losing $150k To Isildur1

Daniel Negreanu has a lot to think about after yesterday’s PokerStars Superstar Showdown ended in the Canadian pro losing his full $150,000 bankroll over just four hours of play.
For the first time since the series of 2,500 hand challenges began the match was actually completed ahead of schedule after just 1,439 hands. Although he had anticipated the difficulties he faced going into the match, Negreanu still seemed surprised at just how much of a pounding he received at the hands of Isildur1, and at the time even tweeted:
“This has been pretty disgusting so far. Can’t imagine running any worse.”
Later, Negreanu picked up the theme once more on his blog and wrote:
“I’ve been playing poker long enough to recognize when I’ve been unlucky, or when I just played really bad…It’s frustrating to run like that, but if you want to stay sane you have to just deal with it and move on.”
Right from the start Negreanu seemed to be on the back foot and nine minutes into the game he lost a $20,400 pot holding K-Q to Isildur1’s pocket sixes on a K-4-4-T-6 board. Two hands later Negreanu lost another $20,200 pot after the players went all-in on a 9-3-2 flop with Negreanu’s Q-9 out-kicked by Isildur1’s A-9 and things didn’t get any better for Daniel after that.
By hand 141, Negreanu then found himself stuck over $30,000 for the match after hitting top two pair on a Q-9-4 flop only to lose to Isildur1’s J-10 and a turned straight.
As the onslaught continued, Negreanu’s bankroll had been cut in half by hand 707 and by hand 901 Negreanu was down $119,000 after losing a $25,100 pot with Ad-Kd to Isildur1’s 6h-8h on a Kh-Qs-3h-Th board.
Eventually, Daniel lost the rest of his stack on hand 1,439 hands holding K-J to Isildur1’s A-K and as the game wound down the duo exchanged their views on the match and wrote:
KidPoker: pretty sick run
Isildur1: yeah its just sick
Isildur1: i hit nuts all session long
KidPoker: that makes it easy 🙂
Isildur1: yep hehe
This match was supposed to be part 1 of 2 Superstar Showdowns between Isildur1 and Negreanu but next Sunday’s match was thrown into doubt after Negreanu lost his whole $150,000 roll. However, Negreanu soon dispelled any such rumours and later tweeted:
“Ok, officially shook off the loss. Back to the grind this week and a rematch with a fresh 150k next week.”
At least Negreanu knows things can’t run any worse for him next time than they did this Sunday.

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