Jungleman12 Takes $518,190 Lead As "Durrrr Challenge" Begins

Saturday night, Tom Dwan and Dan “Jungleman12” Cates began their highly anticipated “durrrr” Challenge 2 as an army of rail birds gathered round to watch the action on Full Tilt.
With 3:1 odds offered by Dwan, Cates had already put up his $500k stake and so the two high stakes pros sat down for the first part of their $200/400 No Limit Hold’em marathon.
Prior to the game kicking-off, the TwoPlusTwo forum members seemed to be siding with Jungleman12 as a slight favourite, but 1,651 hands later across six tables and  Dwan had already started answering the critics having amassed a $130,000 lead.
Dwan won two huge pots worth $104,000 and $119,000 to take the early advantage, the biggest pot coming after Dwan was dealt  A-J to Cates pocket 10’s. With the board falling A-3-A-6-K, Dwan took down the monster pot and the two players shortly took a respite after Dwan called a break:
durrrr: ok i need a break for a bit
jungleman12: how long?
durrrr: jus woke up n started playing so prolly a while
durrrr: i won 129888.5 over 1651 hands
durrrr: id guess 1hr for me
jungleman12: think you can take some time off that?
However,when the two players resumed their play, it was Jungleman12 who returned in full throttle and proceeded to reverse Dwan’s lead.
The biggest hand of the session occured after Jungleman12 sitting with $275,188 in front of him was dealt pocket A’s. A pre-flop raising battle saw the pot escalate to $12,800 and with the board eventually running out 8s-Jh-6h-9c-4s, Jungleman12 managed to persuade Dwan to put his remaining $61,092 stack in on the river, presumably with a lower pair to scoop the monster $193K pot.
Eventually, when the duo finally decided to call it quits for the night it was Daniel “jungleman12” Cates who emerged the early victor showing a whopping $518,190 profit over 5,862 hands played.
Poker fans everywhere were treated to some incredible high stakes action as the two high stakes pros locked horns, and are already anticipating the mouth watering prospect of their next encounter.

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