Jean-Robert Bellande Loses 43lbs To Win $70k Prop Bet

Jean-Robert Bellande Loses 43lbs To Win $70k Prop BetBack in June, Jean-Robert Bellande took on a weight-related prop bet in which he was tasked with losing 43lbs by November 1st in order to win $70,000. When the 44 year-old took on the bet he weighed in at a hefty 287 pounds (20st 7lbs), but after taking his wager all the way to the wire Bellande finally managed to achieve his target and on October 30th, tweeted:
“Yum! Goat cheese pastries… My 2 opponents just conceded my win. Lost 43lbs. 70k collected..”
However, it certainly wasn’t plane sailing for Bellande and as recently as the 29th October he seemed to hit a wall at around 249.1lbs, tweeting:
“Noooooo! I swear I did everything correctly yesterday but somehow gained 1lb instead of losing 1 or 2. #brokepumpkin.”
This prompted a series of helpful tips from well wishers on how he could cut the remaining weight, with some of the more novel suggestions including putting a garbage bag on and either hitting the sauna or going for a run, or alternatively downing some laxatives. Whatever method Bellande eventually decided to go with seems to have done the trick and now Jean-Robert Bellande is a lot lighter on his feet than he’s usually accustomed to being, as well as being richer to the tune of $70k.
While the money will come in handy, it’s not likely to change the lifestyle of the perpetually underfinanced Bellande, who still manages to live it up staying at fancy hotels, taking extended European vacations, and playing high stakes poker despite claiming to have poor money management skills and admitting to being broke most of the time. Giving an insight into how he has been able to live like a millionaire in spite of being “broke”, Bellande explained to in 2011:
“Six or seven years ago, we were talking about writing a book called ‘Broke Living’ because somehow, in my life, I’ve gotten the experience of flying on private jets, going to Monte Carlo, being on a yacht for a week. Part of that is that I somehow have been able to mingle in communities with tremendous wealth where it’s their pleasure to treat you to travel around the world. I’ve been very fortunate.”

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