Isildur1 Wins $66,607 From Urnotindangr In SuperStar Showdown

Last Sunday, Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer took $5,425 from Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in the first 2,500 hands of their SuperStar Showdown challenge.
Yesterday, however, the duo returned once more to PokerStars’ virtual felts to complete the second half of their match and four-and-a-half hours later Isildur1 emerged the victor by a $66,607 margin.
In total, Isildur1 has now won six from seven of his SuperStar Showdown matches with past victims including Tony G, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates, Eugene Katchalov, Attila “DodgyFish72” Gulcsik, Daniel Negreanu, and now Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer.
In his latest match, after just 60 hands Isildur1 managed to quickly overturn last week’s deficit to secure a $5,425 match lead, having won a $21,600 pot with a flopped full house to Palmer’s rivered straight.
After pulling further ahead, Isildur1’s lead was then reduced to $8,175 after 400 hands when both players moved all-in on a 5s-4s-3s flop with Isildur1 holding Qs-Qc to Urnotindangr’s As-10c. A spade on the river may have secured Urnotindangr the $22,500 pot, but Isildur1 then proceeded to win the next nine all in pots to go  $60,825 ahead over 80 minutes of play.
After 1,166 hands, Isildur1’s lead had reached  $69,400 when his home internet went down and a 45 minute break ensued while Blom relocated to a nearby hotel.
Picking up where he left off, Isildur1 then managed to extend his lead to $105,582 after  2,128 hands until Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer won a $33,500 pot when his pocket queens caught up on the river to beat Isildur1’s flopped two pair.
Unlike last week, however, despite a comeback Urnotindangr was not able to totally over turn his deficit this week and eventually closed the match out down $66,607, and down $61,182 overall after 5,000 hands.
Next Sunday, fans can now look forward to online qualifier Mastermixus trying his luck at defeating Isidur1, this time at $5/$10 stakes. According to the rules, Mastermixus will be provided with a $15,000 bankroll and will then be entitled to keep any money still in front of him by the time their 2,500 hand session finishes.

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