Durrrr Challenge II: Dwan Wins $172k To Reduce Deficit To $585k

Last night Tom Dwan and Dan “jungleman12” Cates resumed their Durrrr Challenge II, this time putting in 1,440 hands of $200/$400 NL Hold’em with Dwan finishing ahead by $172k.
Prior to the session, Tom Dwan was $755K behind his opponent, but with his latest victory has now managed to reduce the gap to $585k with 11,569 hands of the 50K challenge played.
Tom Dwan even appeared to rattle jungleman12 slightly after taking a number of breaks towards the end of their session, with their final conversation reading:
“durrrr: foods”
“durrrr: might shower after”
“durrrr: but still shouldn’t b too long”
“jungleman12: good bye”
“durrrr: huh”
During their session, not everything went Dwan’s way and he even ended up losing the two biggest pots of the day to his opponent.
The biggest pot was worth $170k and was a real cooler for Dwan who was dealt K-5 and hit two pair on an 8-5-K flop only to see Cates had turned a set of 8’s.
Dwan also lost a $124,778 pot after being dealt Ah-5h to Cates’ 4c-3d. Dwan on the big blind called his opponent’s pre-flop raise and then check-raised Cate’s semi-bluff on a 2h-Ad-6s flop to $4,400.
Cates made the call and after Dwan checked the Jh turn, he proceeded to bet out another $7,400 into the $10,400 pot with Dwan making the call. With the pot now on $25,200 Cates hit a miracle 5c on the river to complete his gut-shot straight while making Dwan two pair. Dwan then check-raised Cates’ $21,200 bet all-in for Cates’ remaining $28,589 before seeing the bad news for himself.
Despite Dwan losing the five largest pots on the night, he still remarkably managed to win the session comfortably helped along by taking down a $104k and an $89k pot.
Tom Dwan has had a tough time against “jungleman12” since they started their challenge  four months ago and his latest triumph represents Dwan’s first decent win in months.
Dwan was actually around $200k in profit up to around 2,000 hands played before jungleman12 started coming back with a vengeance. The duo have now played 19 hours against each other over 11 sessions with jungleman12 up by $582,788.

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