The "durrrr" Challenge: Dwan Wins $230k After Just 61 Hands

Last Friday was one of the shortest sessions ever logged in the “durrrr” Challenge, with the protagonists Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius playing a mere 61 hands over 9 minutes.
However, there was nothing paltry about the outcome of their brief but explosive encounter, with Tom Dwan adding another $230,710 to his lead to go around $2 million clear of his Finnish opponent. The duo are now 33,303 hands through their 50,000 hand challenge.
The ups and downs of poker are well documented, and now Patrik Antonius finds himself having one of the worst years of his career having had one of his best the year before in 2009, when he won around $9 million.
In his latest brief session, Patrik Antonius ended up on the wrong side of a $184,234 pot, and perhaps as part of a stop loss strategy, chose once more not to reload at the table and end the session instead.
In the hand in question, Antonius was dealt Qs 9c 6c 2s to Dwan’s Ah Qh 10s 8d. First to act, Antonius raised to $1,200 only to be three-bet by Dwan to $3,600, which he called. After the board fell Kc Qc Js, Dwan opened the betting for $4,800 with his broadway straight and was called by Antonius with a flush draw. A 7s on the turn gave Antonius flush possibilities with either a spade or a club, and so a Dwan bet of $12,200 was raised by Antonius to $53,400.
Dwan then decided to re-raise all-in for $88,398 and was called by Antonius with his remaining $83,717 for a pot worth $184,234. A Jd on the river changed nothing and after the pot was shipped to Dwan, the session ended a couple of minutes later.
With two thirds of the challenge now completed, Antonius must now make up a $1,986,418 deficit over 16,697 hands or else lose the $500,000 wager to his erstwhile opponent.

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