Durrrr Challenge 2 Resumes With Dwan Victory

It was on October 5th that we saw the last piece of action from the Durrrr Challenge 2 between Tom Dwan and Dan “JungleMan12” Cates.
Since then the score has remained Cates ahead by $659,000 after 7,660 hands played, with the young heads-up specialist having won 4,691 of the hands dealt, to Dwan’s 2,926.
Despite being eager to continue the challenge, Cates has had to take a back seat recently while Dwan went to work on the high-rollers in Macau.
Now however, Dwan is back from his mega successful time in Macau and the duo yesterday got stuck into another session of their $200/$400 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em challenge.
In total, 2120 hands were played in their latest encounter with Tom Dwan booking a win, albeit a small one of $13,000. However, things were a lot more exciting than the final tally indicates as both players held reasonable leads during the heads-up battle. 
Jungleman12 initially held a $212K advantage after 467 hands, but Dwan managed to fight back to lead $91K after 1913 hands, eventually booking a $13,000 win.
The biggest pot on the night was worth $128,371 and won by Dwan after he was dealt 6h-3s to Cate’s pocket K’s. With a flop of 3-6-6 bringing Dwan a full house, he proceeded to check call Cate’s bets on each street, who eventually put in his last $39,785 on the river to lose the giant pot.
The second biggest pot of the night also went to Dwan after findings himself with Aces to his opponent’s Kings. Eventually all the money went into the centre on the turn with Dwan then scooping the $105,168 pot.
However, during the session Jungleman12 ended up taking down a $102,794 and a $91,597 pot and by the time the duo decided to call it a night the score was almost even with Dwan a small winner.
They have now played 9783 hands of their 50,000 hand heads-up challenge with Dan “JungleMan12” Cates ahead by $646K.

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