Durrrr Challenge 2: Jungleman12 Adds Further $173k To Tally

The Durrrr Challenge 2 has already gotten off to an explosive start and within just two encounters, the dynamic duo have managed to complete 15% of their marathon 50,000 hand battle.
Tom Dwan, having lost $518,000 to his young opponent after their first meeting  was hoping to redress the balance yesterday, and prior to getting started posted on his Twitter, “Playing jungleman again, hopefully it goes better than last time.”
Unfortunately for him, however, he succeeded only in dropping a further $173K over a 958 hand session to his opponent.
The two pros have now played a total of 6,820 hands against each other with Tom Dwan stuck $692,400 for the challenge so far.
Throughout their latest brief, but action packed session there were several huge pots played over the $100k mark. Ironically, Dwan scooped the biggest pot on the night worth $132K, after making a set of 10’s on a Kh-8d-3c-10h-2c board.
However, Dwan then gave away a massive pot after being dealt 8d-3d to Jungleman12’s As-10s on a 5d-5s-4d flop. Leading out all the way, Dwan eventually missed his draw with an Ah and Qc falling on the turn and river but still continued betting off his entire stack on a bluff.
Jungleman12 took down the $122K pot, and a little later added a $115,173 pot to his tally when he was dealt a Ac-Kd on a 9c-2c-As flop. With a 5c-10c falling on the turn and river, Jungleman12 managed to complete his nut flush and move Dwan all-in on the river to extend his lead further.
Now down a staggering $692,400 after two meeting, the poker forums are buzzing with excitment over the developing epic, with one TwoPlusTwo poster enquiring:
“What are the chances durrrr buys out of this after 1 or 2 more sesh’s like this one? I doubt he’d buy out no matter how bad he runs/gets owned, but this challenge could kick his ass pretty hard.”
However, the challenge has still a while to run and there are sure to be a few wild swings before the final post is finally reached.

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