Cracked Quad Jacks Receive €144,473 Payout

Online poker player, ‘AlkaliEars’, holding four jacks was feeling confident with his hand and looking forward to scooping the pot when he looked across to see his opponent’s four kings.  “I was so sure my four Jacks would take the pot. My heart sank when my opponent revealed four Kings to beat them,” he said.
However, the player’s mood soon turned from frustration to joy after, as he recalled: “I remembered that by losing with such a great hand I had won the Bad Beat jackpot!”
There were still a number of requirements that needed to be fulfilled in order to qualify for the prize which included playing at a bad beat designated table, the player using his two hole cards to complete quad sixes or higher, and finally there having to be a minimum of four players in the hand.
Fortunately for ‘AlkaliEars’ all his stars were in alignment that time resulting in a massive payout of €144,473 for the indignity of having his quads cracked. The remaining players at the table were not shielded from the surprise windfall either, with the player holding four kings receiving €72,236, and each of the remaining players at the table receiving €24,078 each for a total prize pool of €412,781.
The hand was played out on IPN, which is Europe’s biggest ‘Independent Poker Network’ and operated by GTECH G2, which offers interactive games and services to games companies. IPN is a true giant in the field with over 3 million members, regular €1,000,000 tournaments and a large number of poker websites offered which include PokerHeaven, EuroSuperPoker, Total Poker, Virgin Poker and Poker Hour.
Mery Blomqvist,Head of Marketing and PR at GTECH G2 said: “The Bad Beat Jackpot was created to help ease the frustration of losing even when you’re dealt great cards. With a jackpot requirement starting at Quad 6s, this has got to be the easiest Bad Beat Jackpot to hit anywhere!”

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