Bad Beat Jackpot Hit For $470k At NordicBet Poker

After rising to a huge $390,804, the Microgaming Poker Network ‘Bad Beat’ Jackpot was finally hit on Saturday, 12th February at online gaming site NordicBet.
At around 6:00am U.K. time, player “4447470” was sitting at a short handed cash poker table when he was dealt a pocket pair of tens. Player “epohon” then decided to enter the pot with him holding painted suited connectors.
Amazingly, “4447470” ended up making quad tens by the end of the hand only to lose out to his opponent’s premier holding of a Royal Flush.
However, the disappointment of “4447470” was short lived after realising that the Microgaming Network’s Bad Beat Jackpot had been released as that he would be walking away with a six-figure sum.
In total, “4447470” won an incredible $195,403 while “epohon” received $97,701 from the Bad Beat prize pool. In addition, the two other players at the table, “wemser66” and “Greenkeper,” both collected $48,850 for merely being at the same table when the hand occurred.
Commenting on his enormous $195,403 pay-out, an ecstatic “4447470” explained:
“I knew that my four of a kind tens weren’t enough to beat my opponent’s Royal Flush, although when I looked moments later, I saw notification of my win and realized that I had hit the Bad Beat Jackpot and start screaming. I still can’t believe I won. Now, I think it’s time to relax before taking my place back at the poker table.”
However, NordicBet’s week-end bonanza wasn’t quite over yet and after the Microgaming Network ‘Bad Beat’ Jackpot was reset, it was struck once again the following day for $79,985.
In this particular hand, “papa45” four jacks were beaten by  “zebro74’s” straight flush with $39,992 going to the ‘loser’ of the hand, $19,996 to the winner and $4,999 each to the four remaining players at the table.
All said and done, it has been an eventful weekend for the Microgaming Network, whose Bad Beat Jackpot pool paid out an impressive $470,792 between 10 player over a mere 24 hour period.

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