Tony G and Tom Hall Discuss £1M Bet On Next UK PM

Just prior to the UK’s historic referendum on whether to leave the EU institution, professional poker player and Lithuanian politician Antanas “Tony G” Guoga offered his fellow European Parliament member Nigel Farage a €1 million ($1.1 million) bet that the UK would decide to remain in the European Union.
Tony G offered the wager after he learned that Farage had already placed a £1,000 bet on the UK exiting the EU at odds of roughly 3/1. Lucky for him, Farage passed up such a large bet, but undaunted by his near miss Tony G has now jumped upon yet another opportunity to gamble on British politics after poker pro Tom Hall tweeted the following request:
“I want to bet GBP500K on @DanielJHannan becoming UK PM in next 20yrs. @Ladbrokes @Betfair @WillHillBet give me a price please.”
While William Hill instantly got in touch with its traders before offering Hall odds of 25/1 on his wager, it didn’t take long before the Lithuanian politician wanted in on the action and not long later chimed in with “your set with me let’s discuss.. could up it to million.”
From what can be gleaned from their twitter exchange, it would appear that Hall may have preferred Tony G’s terms and the two men appear  to have moved closer to finalizing their wager after Hall tweeted that “escrow will probably come into play but Tony and I will sort that :)”
Current British Prime Minister David Cameron resigned four days ago after the British public voted to leave the European Union, although he is not expected to leave office until around October. As to the politician who has got Hall’s political gambling juices flowing, Daniel John Hannan, 44, is a Conservative Member of the European Parliament, whose constituency hails from the South East of England. He is also a staunch ‘Brexiteer’ who has repeatedly advocated quitting the EU in order to reduce the level of net migration to the UK.

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