Staples Brothers Collect $150k for Weight Loss/Gain Prop Bet

Staples Brothers Collect $150k for Weight Loss/Gain Prop BetIn March 2017, Bill Perkins offered Jaime and Matt Staples a prop bet at odds of 50-1 that they could not get within a pound of bodyweight of one another inside of a year. At the time, Jaime weighed 140kg (315lbs) compared to 60 kg (135lbs) for Matt, but undaunted by the size of their task the brothers accepted the wager and placed $3,000 of their money on a positive outcome.
A couple of days ago, Jaime and Matt Staples subsequently attended a Weigh-In on the sidelines of Jason Somerville’s Run it Up Reno Poker Event in Nevada, with the brothers weighting in at 85.4kg (188.3lbs) a piece, meaning that they had successfully completed their seemingly impossible task. Tweeting his delight later, a new, streamlined looking Jaime Staples, wrote:
“We did it. We won the ultimatesweat bet and 150k. I feel so surreal right now. Thanks to @matthew_stapless @bp22 @mikevacanti friends and family, @beccarr94 and of course all of you rooting us on every day. Inspiring me to be better. Thank you.”
Difficult Challenge
When the prop bet was accepted last year, many in the poker community gave Jaime and Matt Staples little chance of succeeding. One such detractor was Doug Polk, who told Jaime:
“I think you are a dog, it’s gonna be very hard to lose 100 pounds in a year and gaining 75 is harder.”
According to professional trainers, while losing around 5kg (11lbs) of weight per month was achievable, the less healthier route was to be undertaken by Matt Staples as up to 11.3kg (25lbs) of muscle is apparently the most one can expect to gain in a single year. Nevertheless, Jaime still managed to lose a whopping 115.7lbs, while Matt bulked up by 54.3lbs, indicating that Matt likely had to gain around 20kg of fat to fulfill his part of the deal.
Healthy Eating
As well as learning the 80% diet, 20% exercise rule, Jaime Staples said that he had to become an expert in counting calories in order to adhere to his 1,300 calorie a day plan. While this also allowed him to eat a variety of foods, he did learn a valuable lesson on the benefits of eating healthy foods versus junk, explaining:
“Super full is super clean food; the hungrier you want to be, the more junk you can eat. I found that eating clean but being full, feels better almost all the time.”
Right Motivation
The Staples brother’s accomplishment shows that there is little that cannot be achieved given the right incentive and motivation, including having the confidence and support of one’s family and friends. Nevertheless, the opportunity to win a huge amount of money obviously was the main catalyst that concentrated the brother’s minds on their daunting task, and asked about what helped him maintain his focus during the ordeal, Jaime said:
“Trying to win against Bill Perkins, do my best for my brother Matt who has worked equally hard on his side. Show all the people that said we have no chance what is possible. Be a role model for the people that have been rooting us on all year.”
Bill Perkins Pleased
After the Weigh-In, Jaime and Matt Staples telephoned Bill Perkins to give him their good news, with the billionaire hedge fund manager unconcerned over his six-figure loss, and quick to congratulate the boys’ over their monumental achievement.
In addition to his business interests, Perkins, 49, is an avid poker player and over the years has amassed $2,603,491 in live tournament winnings, $1,965,163 of which came via a 3rd place finish at the 2013 WSOP $111,111 One Drop High Roller. Perkins has also forged close friendships with many poker pros and celebrities associated with the community over the years, and is renowned for his numerous high-stakes prop bets. Past examples include paying  Jeff Gross $550,000 to have a gay rainbow tattoo put on his back, giving $50,000 to Antonio Esfandiari for lunging everywhere for 48 hours, and handing over $1.2 million to Dan Bilzerian for completing a 300-mile bicycle ride From Vegas to L.A. within 48 hours.

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