Could the George Foreman versus Steven Seagal Fight Happen?

Could the George Foreman versus Steven Seagal Fight Happen?Following the recent”Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History,” in which undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. took on mixed martial arts world champion Conor McGregor, there may soon be another unusual match up on the horizon. That is if two-times world heavyweight champion George Foreman is granted his wish of battling it out against actor and Aikido expert Steven Seagal.
News of the potential fight broke on Monday night after Foreman took to his twitter account and issued the following challenge, even proposing that Mayweather Promotions could be granted the exclusive pay-per-view rights for the fight:
“Steven Seagal, I challenge you One on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas.. No weapons hand to hand only.”
While the motive for Foreman’s latest throw down remains unclear, social media users were quick to offer their opinion on the matter. It appears the favorite reason currently doing the round relates to Seagal’s questioning the patriotism of those NFL players who did not stand for the pre-game national anthem. Interestingly, Seagal was granted Russian citizenship last year, and has called Vladimir Putin “one of the greatest world leaders,” with the irony of Seagal’s patriotism comment not lost on social media.
Regardless of the reasons, there has been a huge amount of interest expressed in seeing Foreman fight Seagal, despite the two men being 68 and 65 years-old, respectively. It would appear the match would be a hit for its entertainment value alone, and social media posters have been having a great deal of fun exploring the possibility of such a fight. One of the people coming out on Foreman’s side, Freddie Prinze Jr,  for instance, wrote:
“You’ll smash him in less than 60 seconds, Champ. Only Ali and my dad can touch your granite chin!!!”
While one of the fans in Seagal’s corner called damanmoney, countered with:
“Yeah dudes I’m sorry an 8th degree akido master nearly any age is gonna beat a boxer.”
Meanwhile, one neutral poster tweeted that in all likelihood the winner would be determined by “who dies of heart attack first .”
Unsurprisingly, there has been no response from Seagal as of yet, and the chance of it ever taking place are about as likely as Seagal winning an Oscar for one of his film roles. In the light of the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday, however, tweeter William Dettloff probably summed things up best when he wrote:
“Thinking @GeorgeForeman timed his Steven Seagal challenge to distract us from all the awfulness, make us smile for a minute. Thanks big guy.”

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