Bodog Addresses Anonymous Tables Collusion Concerns

Most poker rooms allow a whole slew of practices which benefits a small group of professional players to the detriment of casual players. These include allowing access to data-mining sites, the use of tracking software and HUD’s, as well as rakeback schemes.
Bodog, however, rigidly enforces a Recreational Poker Model in which casual players are considered the life blood of the industry and are afforded all possible protection from the poker sharks.
As well as addressing all the practices already mentioned, back in November, 2011, Bodog also launched its all-site anonymous tables. The idea behind the move was to further prevent opponent’s gathering detailed information on players through the use of unauthorized HUDs and other data mining sites like SharkScope and PokerTableRatings.
Nevertheless, the possibility of collusion between unidentified players then raised its head and as a Bodog press release later stated:
“Once all the noise of whining poker ‘pros’ who could no longer use software allowing access to data on how you play your game against Bodog players died down the only credible complaint was the threat of collusion.”
However, this concern has now been addressed with the introduction of a Hand History feature by Bodog on March 15th, which allows players to request competitors’ hands within a 24-hour waiting period. Commenting on Bodog’s new software update, VP of the Bodog Poker Network Jonas Odman, stated:
“The fact that we can now offer players this information is another advantage of our anonymous tables and something nobody else can offer. Collusion is a natural concern for any poker room but this new additional feature puts the player in full control. This makes the Bodog Poker Network the fairest place to play poker online in the world.”
In the past unscrupulous colluders have often been caught by the players themselves, and so now any player who suspects something amiss during a session can analyze his opponet’s hand and uncover any cheating. Bodog has therefore shown once again that it is doing its utmost to level the playing field and make the game more enjoyable for its casual customer base.

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