Wynn Las Vegas Sues $700,000 Casino Crap Winners

A Las Vegas Strip casino is suing two of its patrons after the Argentinian pair succeeded in winning around $700,000 at the casino’s craps tables.
Wynn Las Vegas first became suspicious of Leonardo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul’s winning ways after the duo won $145,000 on seven slides at the casino on July 17th. Later reviewing the CCTV footage, Wynn then accused the pair of acting as part of a group and cheating using a “dice sliding” or scooting  technique to gain an advantage over the house.
Dice sliding as the name implies,is where a dice is prearranged in the player’s hand and slid so that the number remains face up. In craps that desired number is usually a six as throwing two sixes pay outs at odds of 30 to 1. Consequently, sliding a six with just one of the dice while tossing the other will greatly increase a player’s chances of hitting the big payout. As the player then bets on numbers eight and above he effectively alters the expected value of a bet from a negative to a positive one.
As a result of the Wynn’s accusations, the Argentinian pair were then arrested with Nevada Gaming Control Board enforcement chief Jerry Markling commenting:
“It’s not a common form of cheating because it involves a considerable amount of skill and practice.”
Leonardo Fernandez, of Buenos Aires, was a frequent visitor to the Wynn, which he had visited over 39 times, with visits lasting between two days and two months. On the other hand, Dabul would only visit the casino once or twice a year for a few weeks at a time.
In the court papers, the two are described as playing at different craps tables as part of different teams, with their accomplices attempting to distract casino employees at the table during slides.
“Through their individual acts of cheating and their conspiracy to defraud and cheat at the game of craps by sliding, defendants left the Wynn Las Vegas with over $700,000,” claimed the lawsuit.

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