Pet Gerbil Scoops $24,000 Online Fortune In Incredible Display Of Animal Esp

It is widely acknowledged in the scientific arena that many animals possess a kind of extra-sensory perception (ESP), and that many of their existing senses operate on a field high and above that of the normal range of human experience.
Stories abound on the subject from pets knowing when their owners would return home minutes before they arrive to animals alerting people to imminent earthquakes.
However, there was a remarkable lack of ESP and heroic related tales concerning rodents, and in particular gerbils, until recently when one such pet, named Timmy was instrumental in netting his owner an incredible $24,660 jackpot at
Gerbils, once unkindly known as “desert rats”, were first introduced to the pet industry in 1964 but have since lagged behind in amazing tales and have failed to capture the public’s attention when faced with more attention grabbing pets such as cats or dogs.
Now, that all might be about to change after one lucky player, called Viper007, was playing the online slots at his favourite gambling site while Timmy the gerbil looked on from his owner’s shoulder.
Viper007 had just reached a bonus round when completely out of the blue the heroic gerbil with no regard to his own safety, leaped from his master’s shoulder and straight onto the computer keyboard, instantly winning his master a whopping $24,660. As Viper007 explained:
“Timmy loves to sit on my shoulder and watch me play, but he’s never jumped onto the keyboard before. He must’ve sensed something big was going to happen.”
Gerbils have always been known as non-aggressive, sociable creatures and are notoriously non messy as they possess an adapted kidneys which produces a minimum of waste.
However, after their latest win the bond between man and gerbil has grown even stronger and Viper007 said has been spoiling Timmy rotten ever since, including feeding him cheesecake for breakfast.
Timmy can also hold his head up high after bringing gerbil ESP endeavours a step closer to their more famous animal counterparts.

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