Blackjack Specialist Turned Modern Day Robin Hood Wins £600k For Desperate Families

A 44-year-old American gambler has been keeping the good name of the English heroic folklore outlaw Robin Hood alive, by taking money from the cash rich casinos and passing it on to the poor and needy. 
Going by the name of “Robin Hood 702,” the Blackjack specialist owns a website which encourages deserving cases to send in a video explaining why they deserve Robin Hood 702’s help.
Each time he chooses a family to assist, he then flys them on a luxury all-expense paid holiday to Las Vegas, where they enjoy all the entertainments the city has to offer.
The highlight of the trip, however, is when he hits the casinos and attempts to win up to £30,000 to help clear the family of their money problems.
On his site “” he makes the following guarantee: “Robin Hood 702″ guarantees if you’re selected, at least half of your bills will get paid no matter what happens at the Blackjack table.”
True to his word, Robin Hood 702 has so far handed out over £600,000 to families in financial troubles. Amongst his many acts of kindness are the Kegler family, who received £20,000 to pay for medical drugs to treat their daughter’s brain tumour.
Robin Hood 702 claims to have been a professional gambler since the age of 16, with a particular flair for the game of Blackjack. Despite now being fabously wealthy, he says that he would rather win the money for his deserving cases than simply hand over the cash.
As he explains: “Most people can only dream the sort of lifestyle I have: Jets to fly me to casinos, staying in 8,000 sq ft penthouse apartments, so I wanted to give them a taste of what it is like.”
“It would be easier just to hand them money but by using my skills as a blackjack player it means that I have earned the money by doing my job.”
Consequently, the modern day Robin Hood has now helped create a whole host of merry people who owe him a debt of gratitude for listening to their problems and proving a true hero to them in their hour of need.
Here at, we heartily salute you.

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