Reviewing All New Poker Sites in 2020

Most online poker players are aware of the top sites in the world, as they have been around for well over a decade. Players may have seen their advertisements online or even on television, and they cater to players in most parts of the world, even in the new United States market. The most well-known sites are Ignition, Bovada and BetOnline.

Then there are newer online poker sites. During the poker boom in the mid-2000s, there were more new online sites than at any other time in the game’s history, though many of them closed after Black Friday and the actions of governments around the world to limit online poker. But a few companies dedicated to offering new online poker options have launched since then.

It takes a commitment to launch a new site in the current environment. Online poker, along with all forms of online gambling – is under scrutiny by governments from Europe to Asia, from India to the United States. So, a company that chooses to launch a new site must be willing to apply for licenses in various markets, stay up to date on all legal matters in multiple global jurisdictions, and attract customers in a very competitive market. This speaks to the operator’s sincerity about internet poker in general.

Of course, there are pros and cons to the new sites, but the positives generally outweigh the negatives.


Advantages of New Poker Sites

New books have a certain smell, new cars are shiny, and new restaurants boast of the latest recipes. New online poker sites don’t tickle the senses in those ways, but there are many advantages to their platforms, games, promotion, and management.

  • Latest technology: New online poker sites have the opportunity to take the best of other poker sites and incorporate them together on to new platforms using the latest technology. This typically means the poker action is faster and there are more games and stakes from which to choose. It also means the graphics and audio are better than other offerings.
  • Player-friendly: Any operator developing a new poker site will usually hire professional players as consultants and advisors. This means that player suggestions are incorporated into the software and used to create promotions and bonuses that offer what players value most.
  • Fish: Newer poker sites always bring new customers into the mix. Players who are not very skilled at the games may feel that it is the perfect opportunity to win against players worse than them, which provides a unique opportunity for the best players to feed off the tables in grand fashion. New sites are often some of the softest sites, especially as they strive to build traffic and keep players at the tables.
  • Promotions and bonuses: The top priority of new sites is to get players to create new accounts, write good reviews, and keep playing. This means there will likely be significant sign-up bonuses, some even with no deposit required. Promotions will also be available to keep players on the site, which will include reload offers, freeroll tournaments, and cash prizes. These new poker operators will be trying to lure players from other sites, so their bonuses and promotions will have to be better than those of their competitors.
  • Overlays: Newer poker sites will inevitably run tournaments, and as they still try to attract new customers, the tournaments will often run short of their guarantees. These overlays create extra money in the prize pools, a big draw for serious players.
  • Fast payment processing: Sites want good reviews and hope new players will tell others about their positive experiences on new sites. The fastest way to earn a good place in a poker player’s heart is to process deposits and withdrawals, especially the latter, with expediency and the absence of fees. Players will tell others about this on poker forums and on social media, which is good public relations and free advertising.
  • Customer service: In line with some of the other advantages, new poker sites will be ready and willing to answer all questions of new customers in a timely manner. Representatives are new and very positive about the new endeavor, and that will translate into very timely responses and efforts to make the customers happy at all costs.

Disadvantages of New Poker Sites

Of course, there are some downsides to playing on new sites. While the advantages tend to outweigh them, it is only fair to discuss them so players are not surprised when they log into that new site and start playing.

  • Lack of traffic: As a new site gets off the ground and builds a customer base, there may not be enough players to run all of the poker variations and stakes that a regular player may seek. There may also be some tournaments cancelled if there are no guarantees and there aren’t enough players to run the events. However, this can be combatted by adjusting the willingness to play different stakes and games as the site grows.
  • Software glitches: Any new software, no matter how much testing has taken place, is likely to experience bugs. This is normal and will result in updates to fix problems. While this might be annoying for some players, they can also benefit from perks offered to players who are adversely affected by software glitches.
  • Missing features: If the operator did not employ the services of professional players as consultants while developing the site, there may be features that are not included in the first editions of the new poker site. By communicating with customer service representatives, however, the site can make improvements and possibly reward those who make helpful suggestions in patient and friendly ways.

Can New Poker Sites Be Trusted?

All new poker sites are not to be trusted, but this is why sites like this one exist. Our staff, which is comprised of experienced players, test the new sites and research the people behind the company. Suggestions for new sites are made only after a great deal of investigation and play.

It may take several months for us to recommend a new site, but this is simply required in order to conduct thorough testing of everything from game play to deposits and withdrawals. Once the process is complete, we give our honest assessment and list sites here that are worthy of your business.