How to Play Position Poker

Position Poker can be played with as many as 7 players. This game uses a deck of 52 playing cards with 8’s as wild cards. Additional wild cards are available but will depend on a player’s position, hence the name of the game. This game gives players the ability to scoop the pot or split the pot.

Rules for the Poker Game  Position

Each player will need to ante first before any cards are dealt. The game is played just like Seven Card Stud which means each player will receive two down cards and one up card followed by a round of betting. Once the first round is complete the dealer will give each player an additional up card and another betting round. This step will continue until each player has two down cards and four up cards. On the final round, the dealer will ask each player if they want their final card dealt up or down. Once each player has a total of seven cards in front of them a final betting round will take place, followed by the showdown. The player with the best five card poker hand wins the main pot. If the wild card rules apply to particular round, the winner of the best five card hand will win 50% of the pot.

Wild Cards in Position Poker

Position Poker uses multiple wild cards based on a player’s position. The first player to the left of the dealer will have Aces as wild. The player beside him will have deuces wild, then threes, fours and so on. Each player will be able to use 8’s if an 8 was given to them and the card designated to their position at the table.

If a player receives their designated wild card in spades and the card was dealt down to them, they win half the pot at showdown regardless of whether they have a winning hand or not. The spades down wild card qualifies them for half. If two players receive their designated wild card in spades down, each player will receive a quarter of the pot.

If a player receives his designated wild card in spades as an up card, the round stops and hands are mucked. The players who were in the hand when the spaded card was dealt face up will ante again and the dealer will deal new hands to each player. Players who folded before the spade was dealt face up will not be allowed to play in this round.

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