How to Play the Original Guts Poker

Guts Poker is one of the most popular forms of match pot card games. In this game, the object is to have the best three card poker hand however in order to play for the hand you must decide to drop. If you lose the hand you and any other player who lost will be forced to match the amount of money in the pot. This is where the name of the game has some meaning. When the pot becomes substantial in size, it does take a bit of guts to play mediocre hands in hopes of winning.

Instructions & Rules for Guts

Each player must ante into the pot first before receiving any cards. Once the antes are in the dealer can begin dealing each player three cards face down.

Each player will have an opportunity to look at their cards, but you cannot show them to the rest of the table.

Each player will need to decide if they want to stay in the hand or fold. Players who choose to fold are out of the round and will need to wait till the next hand to play again. Once everyone has made their decision the dealer will instruct them to “Drop” on the count of three. Players who decided to fold will need to “Drop” as well as explained below.

Any player who stayed in the game will compare their hands against the others. The player with the best three card poker hand wins the pot. All losing players will match the value of the pot for the next round.

The cards are reshuffled and only the players who didn’t match the pot will be required to ante again.

This game will continue until one player drops and is able to scoop the pot uncontested.

Dropping in Guts Poker

Dropping in guts is basically a term telling all of the players, regardless of their decision, to inform everyone of their choice at the same time. In Guts it’s important that someone doesn’t hesitate when dropping. When they hesitate they are able to see who many players their three card hand will be up against and gives them an advantage that the other players don’t have.

To drop, players simply place a poker chip in their hand and hold their hand closed above the table. Players who intend to fold would have empty hands. Once the dealer instructs to drop, each player opens their hand and only the players who “dropped” chips will play against each other.

If you like playing Guts Poker you will more than likely enjoy 3-5-7 Poker which uses the same general guidelines but has three rounds in which you can play your hand and multiple wild cards.