Banking Options at Online Poker Sites

In order to play real-money online poker, players must be able to deposit funds into their account. The ease with which they can do so and the methods that they can use are major factors in deciding on the perfect online poker site.

Deposits to an online poker account can be easy or difficult, depending upon where in the world the player is located. Laws and regulations often make deposits more difficult to accomplish on some sites, while other sites accept players from all parts of the world. There are many things to consider when deciding where to deposit funds and what payment processor to use when doing so.

Use your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device to fund your account. Payments come directly from your credit card, and payments are more secure than other forms of payment.

The American Express card allows you to deposit funds on selected gambling sites. This is an excellent option for those with outstanding credit history.

Many sites accept the most popular forms of credit cards for payments as well as other cards such as Discover, Diners Club International, and others.

Bitcoin is the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world. Transfers are secure and not subject to banking laws. Miner fees will apply to bitcoin transfers.

Electronic checks allow you to deposit on sites by entering your banking and check information online. These payments often do not incur fees.

This is an online prepaid card that’s funded through your bank account. EcoPayz is accepted in 173 countries, and you can deposit in 47 currencies.

Available for Canadian depositors, Instadebit allows you to make electronic deposits using your bank account. A small fee may apply to deposits.

Interac allows Canadian customers to transfer funds electronically via online or mobile banking. You can fund your account using your bank account.

One of the oldest credit cards in the world, MasterCard is one of two major credit cards widely accepted for deposits. Fees may apply.

One of the most popular eWallets in the world, NETELLER is accepted by 85% of online gambling sites worldwide. A great alternative when other methods fail.

Use a prepaid gift or debit card to fund your account. Note that you can only deposit up to the maximum available on the card.

POLi is an online debit payment alternative available to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Transfer funds from your bank account your POLi account to use online.

The most widely accepted eWallet in the world. Transfer money electronically from either your balance or from your bank account or credit card.

This is a simple prepaid card. No bank account or credit card is needed as you load the card at selected retailers. Maximum deposit limits may apply.

The former Moneybookers is a low-cost eWallet that’s a popular deposit option on online gambling sites. It’s a preferred deposit option among many UK players.

One of the most accepted credit cards in the world. Easily deposit funds into your account from your credit card. Fees may apply.

This is an electronic funds transfer directly from your bank account to the site. These transfers typically incur banking fees. Check with your bank for fees.

Online Poker Deposit Processors

There are many online poker sites and nearly as many payment processors willing to facilitate deposits to them. This is why it’s important to know as much as possible about the processing time, fees, and ease of use for the various options available.

While there are many ewallets and financial institutions, the most common are as follows:

  • Mastercard: Mastercard is one of the two most popular credit card options in the world. It also comes with several subsidiary options that help more customers use the cards in different situations. Most online poker sites accept Mastercard as well as its affiliated debit card named Maestro.
  • Visa: Visa is the other most popular credit card option in the world, next to Mastercard. Visa also provides debit options, some called Visa Debit and others referred to as Electron. Most online poker sites accept one debit and one credit option from Visa.
  • Amex: American Express is used widely around the world for purchasing but not as much for online poker deposits. Some sites do accept Amex, though, and more are opening up to that option in recent years.
  • Bitcoin: This is the newest form of currency – cryptocurrency, to be exact – that is being used for online gaming. Some online poker sites are beginning to allow deposits via Bitcoin, though many have been reluctant to do so thus far. There are, however, some poker sites in the works that operate solely by cryptocurrency.
  • Paysafe: One of the online payments companies most used by online gamers and poker players is Paysafe, sometimes referred to as Paysafecard. The digital wallet allows customers to store money outside of a bank in order to save fees and shield their identities.
  • Neteller: One of the ewallets under the Paysafe umbrella of companies is Neteller, which has catered to poker players for many years. It allows for deposits and withdrawals to most online poker sites.
  • Skrill: Once known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an ewallet that also offers prepaid cards, all for the ease of online purchases like internet poker deposits. It is also owned by Paysafe and a sister company to Neteller.
  • Instadebit: The ewallet is a way to connect a person’s bank account to the world of online commerce safely. The company works with nearly every financial institution across the globe.
  • E-transfer: An e-transfer is the electronic transfer of money from one bank to an online poker account. Players who choose not to establish an ewallet or digital wallet account can simply connect their online poker account to their personal bank account via e-transfers.
  • Entropay: This prepaid card is a way to anonymously transfer money from a bank account and deposit to an online poker account. It is a prepaid Visa card but does not risk security with a connection to an actual credit card number.

How to Find Best Deposit Poker Sites

Pros vs. ConsEvery player decides the most important aspects of a deposit option for online poker. Some people may want to deposit with no fees, others may want the fastest method possible at any cost, and other players may want only deposit options that are approved by the local regulators. Every person is different.

Thus, there are several factors to be considered when rating deposit poker options so that players may choose the one that best suits him or her.

  1. Fees: Some deposit methods charge fees, such as a set dollar amount or a percentage of the deposit amount. Those fees might be waived for some poker sites, or poker operators may absorb the fees in order to give the player a free deposit option. Each site makes individual decisions.
  2. Speed: Most online poker deposits are immediate, meaning the money is available for online poker action as soon as the payment is approved. Some options take more time, but most credit, debit, and ewallet methods are immediate.
  3. Preferred: In some jurisdictions, payment methods are determined by the local regulator. For example, in the American market, New Jersey has a regulator that approves the methods available for online poker deposits. Paypal is one and is quite simple to use. Visa and Mastercard are also approved, but if their issuing banks are not located in New Jersey and aware of the law, it can be more difficult to use them for a deposit. Situations are improving in some markets but remain difficult in others.
  4. Withdrawals: Some poker players want consistency; they want to use the same payment processor for both deposits and withdrawals. However, some ewallets don’t process withdrawals.
  5. Anonymity: For those who want to keep their online transactions private and not reflected on a bank account statement, they may choose to deposit using a prepaid card that has no paper trail. Several payment methods do offer anonymity.

Information Sources

Every online poker site lists its banking options somewhere in its virtual pages. There may be a link from the homepage to deposit/withdrawal or banking options, while some even list the various payment methods at the bottom of the home page. Players can also often find that information via a help or FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, or simply by contacting the customer service department.

Researching all of this information can be time-consuming, though. This is why we do the work for you and list the top poker deposit site options here. We also have detailed pages for each deposit option for more information.