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Since 2004, OnlinePoker.net has become the most comprehensive website about online poker and playing poker in general. Our mission is to provide readers with the most accurate information about poker along with details on the best poker sites online. Below is a quick summary of what you can expect to find at OnlinePoker.net along with information about our team or writers or you can use our quick and easy links to find the information your looking for

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With a full team of online players we at OnlinePoker.net provide our readers with the most comprehensive guide to playing online poker. Our writers have tested the software; the cashier, games, and of course customer support to ensure that the poker room meets our standards and yours before they are ever listed on OnlinePoker.net. Our reviews will assist you in making an informed decision on where you want to play poker online. You will also find dedicated pages specifically outlining the highest trafficked poker room’s online, small poker sites for players who would prefer to play at a low key poker room and even information on where you can expect to find the biggest tournament overlays. We understand how difficult it is for American poker players to be able to play poker online. With the enactment of the UIGEA and state laws in place it’s often difficult to know whether or not it’s legal to play poker and even more so how to play poker online. We provide a full section dedicated to players who want to know more about the UIGEA, the legalities behind it along with which poker rooms accept US players and payment methods available. Our poker strategy section covers everything from the basics of how to play Holdem and Omaha to Implied Odds, and more advanced articles geared towards players who want to learn how to become better players.

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Daily Poker News – Meet Our Team of Reporters

Want to stay up to date on the latest tournaments, biggest promotions or your favourite pro? Our poker news section does just that. On staff we have a full team of writers and editors to keep our readers up to date on the current events in the industry be it the World Series of Poker or recapping the Sunday Millions.

Andrew Mitchell – Owner/Editor – Andrew has been a reporter and webmaster for nearly 10 years and now focuses on the online gambling industry. Overseeing the daily operations of OnlinePoker.net, Andrew’s main goal is to ensure that his team is on top of the daily events in the world of poker, on and offline.

Steve Taylor – Editor and Writer – Steve holds a BA in journalism and prior to joining the OnlinePoker.net team; he contributed to a number of local newspapers within his area as a daily columnist. With 5 years experience as an editor in the poker industry, Steve’s main focus is to provide up to date news coverage in tournaments and online events.

Michelle Rhodes – Administrator/Editor – Overseeing daily tasks and assignments, Michelle comes with 8 years experience in the journalism field with 5 years in the gambling industry. As a webmaster and editor Michelle is able to bring forth an abundance of skills to assist with the web pages and editing of articles.

Brandon Solomon – Writer – The newest addition to our news staff, Brandon brings with him 3 years of experience in the gambling market, specifically online in addition to his vast knowledge of playing poker both live and online. Brandon reports on legal issues surrounding online gambling and major poker events.

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Privacy Policy

OnlinePoker.net respects our visitors and their right to privacy. As such we guarantee that any information collected through this website will remain with OnlinePoker.net and never shared with any other company including third parties. Your information will be kept in strict confidence and will never be sold, rented or reused in any shape or form unless you consent to this first. This includes but is not limited to e-mail lists and any other information we are privy to from our visitors.

OnlinePoker.net analyzes our traffic logs for informational and research purposes only. This assists us in being able to provide the information our visitors are looking for. Our traffic logs are not able to distinguish each visitor on case by case basis personally and we have no intentions of doing so.

Our website uses cookies as a means of tracking visitors coming to our website and where they go once they leave our website. Additional cookies may be picked up from advertisements located on our website only if a visitor clicks the advertisment, however these cookies are not directly from OnlinePoker.net. The cookies are not used to track you once you leave OnlinePoker.net

OnlinePoker.net reserves the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time based on our sole discretion. If you have any questions or comments about our website or our privacy policy, please feel free to email us at webmaster @ onlinepoker.net.

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OnlinePoker.net is not responsible for any information that may be out dated or misrepresented on our site. Our editors ensure that all information available is accurate at the time of publishing and as such we will not be held responsible for the material after the date.

OnlinePoker.net reviews websites related to gambling and is in no way responsible for players who choose to gamble online, especially those who reside in the United States. Due to the UIGEA, players in some states have restrictions placed upon them and will need to check their local laws. We will not be held accountable for any visitor who does not abide by the laws and legislations within their jurisdiction. All visitors to this website must be at least the age of majority in order to view the content on this site.

All content written on OnlinePoker.net is protected by copywrite laws and cannot be replicated without authorization from OnlinePoker.net.

Last but not least, our website is for informational purposes only and because of this we will not be held accountable for any gambling loses, or viruses our visitors incur should they choose to click on one of the advertisements on our site.

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