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100% Up To $600 Bonus

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  • Up to $600 / €400 / £400 Bonus
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Reviews 888 Poker's VIP Rewards Program

At 888 Poker you will be rewarded with VIP rewards points for every game you play in. Depending on what the buy-in is for the tournament you play in, you will receive rewards points back in to your account. If you play cash games then you will get points for hands that you play in those games. The more tables you play, the more points you will receive for hands you play. If you are playing a lot of tables and hands you will earn points at a more rapid rate in cash games. When you earn points you are giving yourself the opportunity to either cash them in at your leisure for extra cash or you can also buy items in the 888 Poker store. With a great opportunity to earn points you can get some cool free stuff for rewards points or exchange them for free cash.

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How the VIP Rewards Program Works at

As you move up the VIP rewards points latter at 888 Poker you will receive higher multipliers for the points you are accumulating. Originally, when first starting off, you will have a lower point multiplier until you hit the silver VIP level. Once you hit that level you will have a 2x multiplier on games you play compared to a 1x multiplier of the lower level.

After the silver VIP level will be the gold VIP level. At the gold level you will have a 4.5x multiplier. This is a big level to get to but there are even higher levels than gold. You will need to have 1,500 status points accumulated to reach the gold level. The 1,500 status points convert into 6,750 rewards points. With 6,750 rewards points you can receive $67.50 in cash in the store.

After gold is the platinum level. The platinum level is where most players will have enough determination in a month to reach. This will take 4,500 status points to be accumulated, and will offer a 9.0x multiplier. This 9.0x multiplier will be 40,500 rewards credits. At this level you can cash in those points for $405 in cash.

Next are the two highest and prized levels for the everyday grinder to reach. These are the VIP and VIP Diamond levels. The VIP level will require 60,000 status points, it offers a 13.5x multiplier, and a whopping 810,000 rewards credits. With these rewards credits you can get $8,100 in cold hard cash. This level is very hard to reach and is considered to be an annual level. This means that once you hit it for the year you are there for the rest of the year.

The last and final level is the VIP Diamond level. This level requires 300,000 status points, which is a boat load of poker playing. This offers an 18.0x multiplier along with 5,400,000 rewards points. Also, for reaching this level you can cash in the points for $54,000. If you have worked your way to reach this level of poker stardom at 888 Poker you should be very proud, and players will truly be jealous of you. The highest level of the VIP system brings in the highest amount of annual riches for you.