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888 Poker Player Traffic

888 Poker is may have suffered after UIGEA forced them to close their doors to US players, however they remain one of the biggest online gambling sites, extremely popular in Europe. Part of 888 Poker's popularity is due to the fact that they do not only offer poker, but also sports betting, games, bingo, scratch cards, and of course, casino games. Their poker rooms can be filled at times with casual if not clueless players.

888 Online Poker - Top UK / Euro / Canadian Poker Site

Open since 1997, 888 Poker's strong online presence has hardly faltered. Rebranding from Pacific Poker to 888 Poker after UIGEA forced them to turn away all of their US players could have greatly crippled them, however they have flourished in their European popularity, earning many awards.

Despite the influx of casual and new players thanks to the other betting options offered, the traffic to the poker section of 888 Poker is impressive. It is not uncommon to see 10,000 players online, even more during peak hours. The majority of these players can be found in the tournament area.

Regardless of their game preference, 888 Poker players play here because of the reputation for loose, relaxing play. 888 Poker is very much like going to your local casino. The variety, the easy access, and the simple to use software attracts players who may be intimidated by the high-stakes, fast-paced or professional atmosphere of other poker sites.

888 Poker does offer some higher-stake games, with buy ins over $500. These games will of course attract the better players, as brand new players and casual players are typically unwilling to spend a large amount in one sitting when they have little chance to profit. Even with the more skilled players, poker pros will still find these tables with easy competition and looser play.

However, thanks to the reputation of these tables to be loose and juicy, you will find sharks swimming in the these waters. However, the professional players don't tend to have much patience for the lower stake tables and tournaments where they profit margin is relatively small. The more skilled players can typically be found at the higher level tables. 888 Poker is very well known for the loose and juicy tables- and even at the higher stake tables are going to have looser play than some sites better known for professional level play.

The majority of the player traffic is centered around the Texas Hold'em games, which is typical with the new players. Texas Hold'em is a favourite,  and the lower stake cash games and tournaments are packed with fish. With a great offering of bonuses, rewards program, generous freerollls, as well as a no-download option and play-money modes of many games, there's plenty here to draw in new players of all kinds. 

If you're looking for some relaxing and low-stress fun playing poker, 888 Poker is the place to go. Even more advanced players can find a home here building their bankroll and their strategies at the higher stake tables and the exclusive tournament options.

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