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888 Poker Sit n Go Tournament Schedule

888 Poker's Sit and Go Tournaments are very popular.  This is typically because they are much smaller and quicker to finish than typical tournament set ups, as they have a maximum of 50 participants. These run all day long, and fill up quickly. When selecting a tournament, the max number of seats will be shown as well as the amount of people who have already registered, so you have an idea of how long any wait may be.

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888 Poker offers a variety of Sit and Go tournament types. Thanks to the low cost and quick nature of these tournaments this is a great way to find new game styles you enjoy playing. Buy ins are as low as $1, and blinds start as low as .10/.20. For players who enjoy higher stakes, there are $100 buy ins with much higher blinds. It is important to keep in mind that the standard Sit and Go tournament will have blinds that increase around every 7 minutes. Turbo games give you only 3 minutes.

The Sit and Gos offered by 888 Poker have a wide variety. There are both Texas Hold Em and Omaha tournaments offered, and different tournaments will have Pot Limit and No Limit. There are the standard tournaments, as well as All In, Satellite Tournaments, Double or Nothing, Fast Games and Super-Turbo. The last two of these types of tournaments are much faster paced than normal, good for people who love the Tournament play but don't have hours to commit to the computer. The Turbo game also starts with a much smaller stack, some even as low as 300 chips. Some tournaments will allow rebuys and add ons- while many won't. It is important to read all of the information about the game type and payout structure before registering for any tournament.

No matter the type of game you pick on 888 Poker, when the tournament starts players are seated randomly at tables. The tournament will begin, and the blinds will increase on the schedule set out in the tournament information. As the game progresses, players will be kicked out by running out of chips. Some tournaments will allow rebuy or add-ons at specific times. Not all Sit and Gos allow this, however. The tournament will continue with players getting disqualified until only one player remains. The last player standing is the winner, and prizes will get paid out as the prize pool dictates. Typically the winner gets 40-50% of the prize pool, however every tournament will pay out differently.

The multi-table Sit and Go tournaments offered by 888 Poker will usually have somewhere between 20 and 50 seats, and pay out 5 places instead of only 3 like the smaller single-table tournaments. It is not uncommon that the buy-in for the multi-table games is cheaper. The Heads-Up Sit and Go tournaments are also popular. These tournaments are offered in the microstakes, but you can find them with buy ins over $500. For the best traffic in Multi-Table, you will likely want to play during the day. However, Heads Up Sit and Go tends to have a higher traffic evenings and weekends, which can affect the quality of your competition.

888 Poker's Sit and Gos are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy tournaments. They offer the possibility of a nice boost to your bank roll with a minimal investment of time or money. All a player needs is good strategy and maybe even a little luck to win big.

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