Razz Poker Tips

Top Tips and Strategy for Playing Razz Poker Online

Just like any other poker game, Razz Poker has strategies that a player can utilize either to help them compete on an even playing field or to give them an edge against their opponents. However they help you, the bottom line is that strategies and tips will help a player save money at the very least with the goal to make a profit in the long run. For those of you that are learning how to play Razz, or maybe play it better, we provided some top razz poker strategies that if utilized, will make you a better Razz player which will make you more money.

Top Razz Poker Tips

1. Pay Attention to Door Cards: This is free information and it is in a player’s best interest to use it. Door cards can tell a player what cards they can catch on later streets, what cards are dead, and the possible holdings of other players. Using this information is crucial to being a good stud player.

2. Value Bet, Do Not Slow Play in Razz Poker: Razz is generally played in the fixed limit format so it is hard to build a pot when you have monster much less trying to slow play a hand. There may be times when slow playing is warranted like when a player has two hidden wheel cards and maybe a 6 or 7 in the door. Aside from that a player will be missing out on a lot of value when they do not bet their made hands. Above all, most players will call bets when they have a decent hand so there should not be much worry in regards to scaring a player off their hand.

3. When You Are Beat, Fold Your Hand: Although Razz is played in the fixed limit format and the bets are rather small, it is more important not to waste chips when you know you are beat. In other words, why give opponents more of your chips because you want to “keep them honest?”

4. Do Not Chase Draws: Similar to any poker game, chasing draws can be quite costly. In Razz it is not only important to look at the pot odds you are getting but really look at the live cards to figure the probability of hitting a card you want.

5. Use Your Door Cards: The advantage of the door card is great. Players can have a low door card and two face cards in the hole and make a steal; especially in late position when it has been limped to them. On the other hand, if they have a high door card but two wheel cards in the hole, then that can be another potentially disguised monster. But be sure to keep in mind that other players will be doing the same thing so be on the look out if they are playing with what looks to be trash live cards.

6. Bluffing in Razz is Virtually Pointless: Why? Well, simply because a bet in fixed limit poker is almost never going to scare an opponent off a hand, especially a made one. The only way a bluff is going to work is if your opponent has complete trash for cards. Instead of trying to bluff at the pot, it may be in your best interest to just check it down. Even if you lose, that is still 3 big bets that you get to keep and use for later.

Razz Poker Strategy

Learning a new game is always difficult. What hands do you play, how do you play them and what do I do in this certain situation is all commonly asked questions by many new players. By having answers to these questions players can avoid many of the common pitfalls that many new players make when playing new games and can start working on more advanced strategies. Hopefully by doing some of the legwork for you we got you off to a good head start at your Razz poker career.