Mixed Game Table Selection

Tips and Strategy for Selecting the Right Table in Mixed Games

With all the poker strategy articles available for players to read, articles regarding table selection are quite slim. And why is that? It is important to know what to look for in a table so that a player’s time is well spent and is profitable at the end of a session. A player should know what tables to look for, the types of players at the table, and where to sit in relation to those players. Any player who uses this advice will surely see a difference in their sessions. Please keep in mind that these tips can be used for any poker game, not just mixed games.

Choosing Your Table Carefully For Mixed Games

Knowing what to look for in a table before a player sits down can be the difference between a mediocre session and a great session. When deciding which table to sit at, a player will need to look at the following numbers.

Hands Per Hour: The more hands per hour that is played, the more action there is thus the more money that could be made. Really good tables should be upwards of 80 to 90 hands per hour. However, it is important to keep in mind that if it is extremely high a table could have just been started or filled up and the number can be inflated.

Percentage of Players to the Flop: Players should look for something in the 25% to 30% range or higher. Anything below 25% is starting to get a little to tight and means only 2 players on average are seeing a flop. The goal is to find a table where many players are paying to see the flop with mediocre hands.

Average Pot Size: A player should look for bigger average pot sizes, as this will normally mean that there is plenty of action at the tables.

Another thing that players will want to look for is chip stack sizes. The reason being is that short stacks are going to be using a completely different strategy than a stack that can withstand a beat. Short stacks are more than likely going to push with any pair, 2 faces cards, or aces and it is really not worth your time or money to be sitting at a table full of these players. You will just not be able to play your normal poker game.

Types of Players to Look For

In the world of poker, there are several kinds “stereotypes” when it comes to players. What a player needs to do before sitting at a table is scout it out to find out what kind of players are inhabiting the table and the habits of those players. A few specific kinds of players to look for are:

Rocks/Tight Players: Most times often than not, it will be very difficult to make money against these players. If you make a raise, they will fold if they have nothing. If you make a raise and they call, you want to be sure you have a strong hand because you know they do. These are the kind of players you will want to try to avoid when choosing a table.

Maniacs/Loose Aggressive: These players are ones you want to avoid when out of position. This is because you know they will re-raise you every hand, you just do not know how much. These players are ok to play against because they will generally play much weaker holdings while still putting money in the pot.

Calling Stations/Loose Passive: These players are ones you want to play against when at all possible. This is because they do not have a tendency to raise at all, just call bets all the way to showdown. And better yet, they will not fold unless absolutely certain they are beat. Be prepared for a good day if sitting at a table full of these guys.

Where to Sit in Relation to These Players

In just about every scenario, it is important to be in position against an opponent so that as much information on what they do and how they play can be collected so that you can scheme against them. This will definitely hold true for maniacs. If you were first to act against a maniac, you would have no idea if they were going to raise and how much. A player in this position would have to play much tighter to be sure that they were making sound investments pre flop.

Calling Stations will be the same way, not because they will raise us constantly, but because they will call our raises every time which makes it difficult for us to get any information on the strength of their hands. Rocks are completely different. An ideal seat position for a tight player is to your immediate left because you will make the most money off these guys by stealing their blinds.

Mixed Games Table Selection

The absolute greatest thing about playing online poker is that if none of these elements is working in your favour, you can just get up, leave, and find another table. And be sure to do so as it will be costly to be in a position where the game is made that much harder by playing at a tight table or out of position against a difficult opponent. Sure, we all like to be challenged from time to time, but the whole purpose in playing online is to make money, and by following our tips above you are sure to do that.