Common Mistakes to Avoid in HORSE Poker

Beginner Mistakes in HORSE Poker Games

For the most part, few online players really understand how to play HORSE. It’s one of the few games where you really need to excel in multiple variations if you expect success. The biggest downfall for any HORSE player, new or old is the lack of skill in each game format and even more so the mistakes made during each game. This article discusses some of the more common mistakes players make playing HORSE. If you’re a beginner you’ll want to start with our main page which discusses the variations played in HORSE followed by bankroll management, and table selection.

Common Mistakes Made in HORSE Poker Games

Not Understanding How the Game is Played

It’s easy to spot the beginner in a game of HORSE. They’re likely the player who forgets what game they are playing and pays no attention to the rotations. Often they make a mistake and lose a pot only to type in the chat box “Damn I thought it was Razz”. These players are easy to profit from, and some of the best targets especially when the game is about to switch from one variation to another. Pay attention to the players who don’t fully understand how to play Stud, or Razz as these players are likely to dump their chips into pots they’ll never win. They are calling stations because they don’t have the basics down to even begin playing those games. If you’re a beginner, make sure you’re not this player or you will lose a good chunk of your bankroll. Before sitting down to any HORSE game, make sure you know how to play each of the five variations and how the rotations occur. Don’t become the target.

Understand Where Your Leaks Are

Very few poker players are strong in each of the games HORSE has to offer. The majority of online players concentrate on Holdem and it’s because of this that they often lack in Omaha, Razz, and Stud. If you know your skills lack in one game but is stronger in another it only makes sense to use your strengths over your weaknesses. Suppose your solid in Omaha but lack in Stud. Pick and choose your hands carefully in Stud while taking control of the Omaha game. HORSE players make the mistake of playing to many hands in the games they don’t quite understand. That mistake will inevitably cost them money.

Never Sit Out During a Game

If you want to be pegged as the weak player at the table, sit out during a game you don’t understand. Sitting out in one of the games is the easiest way to spot a player who doesn’t understand how to play HORSE. Furthermore the player who sits out during one version is likely to not understand other games.

Don’t Chase Draws in Stud

Chasing draws is dependent on the hand, the pot and your opponents. Most cases you’re probably not going to lose a whole lot when chasing in Holdem but you definitely will in Stud. You can spot a weak player by watching how they play hands in other variations especially in Stud and Razz. Chasing draws in Stud will cost you more money over the long run because there are more bets by the time you get to 7th Street. If you think your beat in Stud, you probably are and should fold.

As with any poker game, situations may arise where your opponent has you crushed. The advice is this article is based on observations seen in most games but is not guaranteeing that every player you come across will fall into the topics mentioned above. Keep your head in the game and pick and choose your hands carefully in all of the variations of HORSE. If you’re unsure of one of the games played, refrain from playing all five variants until you have a solid understanding. offers strategy articles on multiple variations including Omaha starting handsRazz starting hands, and even a beginner’s guide to playing Stud poker. You’re not going to win every hand in HORSE, but if you play your cards right you can come out ahead.