Strategy and Tips to Profit from Bad Players

Bad players make mistakes, and from these mistakes we profit. These players play regardless of position or raises in front of them, and literally feed the online community. You should only be so happy that they play so poorly and take advantage of them. Bad players come in all forms when playing poker regardless of whether you play live or online. People suck people out on one outer’s more often than not simply because they have yet to grasp the game or cease to improve.

Beating Bad Players over the Long Haul

Poker is all about variance, and winning players understand this. Just because you got rolled with a 10-6 off suit against your pocket Q’s does not mean you’ve lost entirely. Your goal is to beat the game over the long haul and to do this you need to determine your win rate over an extended period of time, rather than a short session or a single hand for that matter. Suppose you raise 4 x BB with your Q’s and your opponent calls. The flop shows Q-6-10 and you bet only to have your opponent re-raise all-in. Of course you should call, and suppose in this instance he rivers an 6. The likely hood of that particular hand completing in the same way again, compared to you winning with your set, is minimal at best. In fact he only has a 17% probability of completing his hand from the flop to the river, which means out of 100 hands you will win 83% of the time. Beating bad players is all about being objective, and understanding that correct decisions such as understanding your pot odds, position, implied odds and other strategic plays will reward you with profit on a long term basis.

Reverting to Anger when Beat by a Bad Player

The only thing your anger will do is either force the player to play better, or make them leave the table. What will that accomplish? Nothing – other than another player taking his seat. Why on earth would you want someone who you can beat, leave the table? These players should be considered your personal ATM. They will donk off their bankroll in a matter of hours, only to have to redeposit again. Often times you’ll find an entire table making fun, or being completely antagonistic towards the bad player. This is unfortunate and probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Sure, losing a big pot to a weak hand that shouldn’t have been played in the first place stinks, but it happens. If you know your opponent is calling too many flops, playing marginal hands regardless of the raises ahead of them or just playing out of position you can adjust your game accordingly. Once you do, you can easily profit from their mistakes so long as you keep your head in the game and don’t let the bad plays get the best of you.

Tips for Beating Bad Poker Players

Below are some basic suggestions and tips to beat bad players from each position.

Early Position -·Bet with pockets and play Aces with caution as bad players will often play A low and call to catch second pair.

Middle Position – ·Raise pocket pairs and cbet the flop unless an Ace hits the board. Fold any suited one gapers such as 9sJs

Late Position – ·Raise pockets only if 3 or less people limped before and follow up cbet. When raising in late position ensure that the raise is at least 3BB’s so the BB does not have the correct odds to call you. Raise with suited connectors if opponents limped .

Just remember, the more mistakes your opponents make the more money they will likely lose. Rarely do they win, and if they do it’s likely they’ll be donating to the table again in a few hands or the next session. Your best bet is to keep an eye open for these players, and once you’ve found one, tag them so you’ll be able to find and profit from them again at a later date.

List of the Strategy and Tips to Profit from Bad Players

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