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Offering an exclusive 100% to $600 Bonus using the Poker Stars bonus code OPN50
Pokerstars $600 Bonus Code

  • Exclusive $600 Deposit Bonus at
  • Bonus Is Available on First 3 Deposits
  • Instant Cash Bonuses as a VIP

Use the Pokerstars Bonus Code OPN50 During Signup!


The 2012 Pokerstars bonus code was reviewed and earned a 9.5/10 rating.

How to Get The Pokerstars Bonus - 100% up to $600:


2/ Use Pokerstars marketing / bonus code OPN50 during registration.

3/ Enter Pokerstars bonus code Stars600 when making your first deposit.'

Poker Stars Bonus Codes


Pokerstars Bonus Information

The brand-new Pokerstars bonus is 100% up to $600. Since Pokerstars had their $50 bonus for so many years, who knows how long this will last? I hate to sound like an infomercial, but it’s a smart idea to grab this bonus while it’s available. If you’ve been thinking about signing up at Pokerstars, now is the time to do it.

Register at Pokerstars

• 6 months clearing time.
• Paid in $10 increments.
• 17 VIP Player Points (VPP’s) required per dollar in bonus.
• Partial VPP’s are now awarded in micro-stakes games.
• 2 deposits within 90 days after your first deposit apply to the bonus ($600 max)

For players who play bigger than $.25/.50 NL or $.50/1 FL cash games, the bonus is simple to clear. Under those limits, the bonus can be a bit of a grind, but a decent chunk of bonus can still be earned. With 6 months to earn your Pokerstars bonus, anyone can add $50-100 to their account. Above those limits, the entire $600 bonus can be cleared by most players. It's important to note that because PokerStars accepts multiple currencies and is one of the biggest uk poker sites, European players will have different clearing requirements then American and Canadian players.

The Pokerstars bonus is best for:

• Players who typically play in tournaments with $5 or bigger buy-ins.
• Players who play in $.25/.50 or bigger NL ring games.
• Players who play in $.50/1 or bigger FL ring games.

Another unique feature of the Pokerstars bonus is this – if your first deposit is less than $600, you can still make 2 more deposits that go towards the full $600 bonus. The only rule is that these deposits need to be made within 90 days of your first deposit.

For example; today you deposit $100. In 2 weeks you deposit another $300. Then next month you deposit $200 more, for a total of $600. You can get the 100% bonus on all $600 you deposited. None of the other online poker rooms allow this…this is great.

Bonuses are automatically deposited into player accounts when each $10 chunk has been earned. You don’t have to do anything to receive it.

Get the $600 Pokerstars bonus while it lasts!

Earning the Pokerstars Bonus in Tournaments

In tournaments, players earn 5 VIP Player Points for every $1 in tournament fees. In a $30+3 tournament, you’ll earn 15 VPP’s, or $.88 in bonus. Partial VPP’s are awarded for tournaments with smaller fees. For example; a $5+.50 tournament will earn players 2.5 VPP’s.

This works out to a 29.4% return on tournament fees, which is pretty good. If you play a lot of sit-n-go tournaments, you can earn the Pokerstars bonus in a reasonable amount of time. If you play large field tournaments only, you’ll earn the bonus more slowly.

Pokerstars Summary

US Players are welcome at Pokerstars.

Pokerstars is the largest online poker room in the world because of a great selection of tournaments and cash games. Whether you like micro-stakes, high-stakes, or anything in between, Pokerstars has it. Pokerstars also has easy deposit options as well as top-notch customer service. Read our complete Pokerstars review.

While there seems to be something to complain about at almost every poker room, Pokerstars is the one room that always seems keep their players happy. That’s also why so many of their players are as loyal as they are. You don’t get 200,000+ simultaneous players without treating people right.

Make sure to use Pokerstars marketing code TEN500 during the sign up process, and bonus code Stars600 when you make your first deposit. Both need to be used to get your Pokerstars bonus. To be extra redundant, use our links when you head to Poker Stars (they’re code embedded).

Sign Up at Pokerstars

Although they have millions of cash game players, most people know Pokerstars for their tournaments & special promotions. Every Sunday Poker Stars runs the largest weekly tournament in online poker, The Sunday Million. This tournament has gotten so big that the guaranteed prize pool is now $1.5 million. Satellite tournaments run all week long, starting at just a couple dollars.

The Sunday Warm Up is the second largest weekly tournament online, which makes the title ‘Warm Up’ a bit ironic. It also runs every Sunday, before the Sunday Million. There are also several other Sunday guaranteed tournaments with prize pools in the $150,000 – $500,000 range. All of these tournaments have satellite & qualifiers available, most starting for as little as $1-4 each.

If you prefer non-Hold’em games, Pokerstars has you covered there as well. They have big Omaha tournaments, Stud tournaments, and even Razz and HORSE tournaments. That’s not the end of it though, because you can still find nice Badugi, 2-7, and various other guaranteed tournaments that no other online poker room can match. The ring games are definitely more difficult then other sites which is in large, due to the number of players online. Other sites comparable to Pokerstars include Party Poker, which comes a close second to Stars in terms of traffic and game value.

Pokerstars is the host of the WCOOP, the World Championship of Online Poker. The WCOOP is an extremely popular poker series similar to the WSOP. It has a variety of games types, buy-ins, and satellite tournaments for each event. The 2009 WCOOP had a guaranteed prize pool of over $40 million, but it it ended up generating over $50 million. Players can buy-in directly to the WCOOP events, or play in satellite and qualifiers on Pokerstars.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is similar to the WCOOP, but obviously run during spring time. The 2009 SCOOP was huge, and 2010 will certainly set new records.

If you’re looking to play in the 2010 WSOP, Poker Stars has a huge variety of satellites for players to win their seats. They have WSOP freerolls, FPP satellites, and cash satellites ranging from $2 – $1,050. There are also Steps satellite tournaments for the WSOP, which are not only fun, but also highly addictive.

Pokerstars Deposits & Withdrawals

Pokerstars offers different deposit and withdrawal options based on where you live. US players have fewer deposit options than most countries, but there are still plenty of easy ways to make a deposit. The same can be said for withdrawals.

Pokerstars US Player Deposit Options: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Instant eChecks, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Click2Pay.

Instant eChecks are a simple and fast deposit option, and work almost all of the time. Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club credit cards are more hit or miss. Depending on your bank, your cards may or may not work, but they work more often than not. If you have problems depositing with your credit cards Pokerstars has a Deposit Support Team, that can run your cards through different processors…meaning they are more successful at getting your credit cards to work.

Western Union isn’t as popular as instant eChecks or credit cards, but it’s a very simple way to make deposits at Pokerstars. In the cashier window, follow the simple instructions and your money will typically be ready to play with in 30-60 minutes.

Money orders and cashiers checks work fine, but they generally take 5-10 days before your funds are ready to play with.

Pokerstars US Player Withdrawal Options: Check by mail, and sometimes wire transfers are available as well. Check withdrawals are fine, and Pokerstars typically gets the check to your door within 7 days. They process checks very quickly.

Pokerstars Non-US Deposit & Withdrawal Options: (Depending on where you live a variety of the following options will be available to you for deposits and withdrawals): Neteller, Moneybookers, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Instant eChecks, Debit Cards, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, PaySafeCard, Bank Draft, WebMoney, EntroPay, ELV, Local Bank Transfer, Online Bank Transfer.

Pokerstars Security

Player funds are held in a segregated European bank account. Player money is never used for anything, it just sits there until you want to withdraw it. Pokerstars is the worlds largest and most secure online poker site.

Customer Support at Poker Stars

Customer support at Pokerstars is excellent. While they don’t offer phone or live chat support, they do have a very responsive email support system. Even better, the customer support staff is very knowledgeable and tends to answers questions properly the first time.

Pokerstars Reload Bonus

Pokerstars commonly offers reload bonuses in the 25-100% range. Sometimes the reload bonus codes are posted on the Poker Stars website, sometimes they are sent to you via email. If you’re an existing player looking to make another deposit, be sure to check the Pokerstars website for a reload bonus first.

$50 Pokerstars Bonus

The $50 Poker Stars bonus is no longer in effect. The only bonus in effect right now is the $600 bonus (obviously a good thing). Pokerstars hasn’t told us how long the $600 bonus will be around, so take advantage of it before it disappears.

(Pokerstars bonus code review updated March 2011)

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