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Player Caught Cheating Permanently Banned From WSOP 2010

May 31st, 2010 Author:

Player Caught Cheating Permanently Banned From WSOP 2010According to a recent report, a man has been permanently banned from all future World Series of Poker competitions, after he was caught helping himself to someone else’s chips during Event 4 of this year’s competition.

The incident, which is alleged to have taken place on Saturday afternoon on Day 1A of the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Event, was reported in Michael Craig’s “Full Tilt Poker Blog.”

A “fiftyish-looking man with gray hair, wearing a baseball cap” was spotted being escorted out of the playing arena by three Harrah’s security guards and when Tournament Director Jack Effel was later asked by a curious competitor what the guy had done “so I don’t do the same thing,” Effel replied; “You don’t take someone else’s chips.”

Apparently, the man was not content to just merely win a pot he was involved in but decided to also sneak a few extra chips from an unattended pile next to him at the same time.

After the 20-minute break had been announced at the end of Level 2, all other players at the table in question left the remaining two players to finish their hand in peace. The “Baseball Cap” won the pot and as he lent forward to gather in his winning chips with one hand, he placed his other hand on the table as a means of leverage. However, he had in fact used his other hand to cover an unattended stack from the dealer’s view and when he noticed the dealer’s eyes were looking elsewhere, he simply used both hands to rake in the now extra large pot.

It wasn’t clear exactly when the cheat was discovered, but a later video viewing of the sleight of hand incident left no doubt as to the culprit’s guilt, and he was then promptly escorted from the Amazon Room.

As to what will be the fate of the card cheat, Jack Effel simply commented; “He’ll be banned from the World Series forever.”

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