Phil Ivey Dramatically Eliminated From 2010 WSOP Main Event

Phil Ivey Dramatically Eliminated From 2010 WSOP Main EventAfter an intense, action packed Day 2b of the WSOP Main Event, the bookies favourite Phil Ivey was dramatically eliminated from the competition and then beat a quick exit for the door, pursued by an army of TV cameras.
Phil Ivey started out the day needing to boost his medium to low stack and after dipping to around 30k in chips got the opportunity to do just that after being dealt a pair of pocket Q’s.
Unfortunately for Ivey, though, his opponent Yuji Masaki was holding pocket K’s and with all the chips going all-in pre-flop, he knew he needed a minor miracle to keep his tournament hopes alive.
Hitting a Q on the turn brought a round of cheers from the excited crowd who were looking on from the rails. However, the cheers soon turned to groans of disbelief after a K fell on the river to dash Phil’s hopes for a double-up.
Instead, Ivey found himself horrendously low on chips with a 3,500 short stack between himself and an early exit. A few hands later, player Scott Einiger limped into a hand holding pocket 8’s and was called by Ivey on the button and by the blinds.
With the flop falling 8d-5d-3c, the action checked to Ivey, who went all-in for his remaining 1,000 chips only to be called by the blinds, who were then faced with a raise by Scott Einiger to 7,000. Only the big blind made the call on the flop and then another 7,000 on the turn when a Kc fell. Eventually the big blind folded on the river when a 5c fell and Scott Einiger went all-in.
Scott Einiger showed his full house, which was enough to knock Phil Ivey out of the 2010 WSOP Main Event, who then simply mucked his hand and made a beeline towards the employees-only exit, followed close behind by TV cameras and reporters.
Despite the rather dramatic ending to his WSOP 2010 campaign,  Ivey has certainly had a memorable enough tournament, picking up $352,319 in prize money along the way including an 8th career WSOP bracelet, in the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. event.
The 34 year-old Ivey has now moved up to 4th spot on the list of ‘Top WSOP Bracelet Winners’ and with $13,168,107 in earnings, has further consolidated his position as the world’s top tournament money winner.

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