Ben Heath first million dollar winner at 2019 WSOP

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The first million has been paid out at the 2019 World Series of Poker.

Ben Heath was the last man standing in the High Roller $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament to cash $1,484,085 and his first WSOP bracelet.

Not surprisingly, the final table was a collection of former WSOP winners with big bankrolls. In fact, Heath was the only player at the six-man final table that had not previously won a WSOP bracelet. The final six had seven WSOP bracelets between them including a pair for Nick Petrangelo and Chance Kornuth.

Kornuth’s winning past didn’t save him in the present, as he was the first player knocked out. He got off to a rough start after Dmitry Yursov doubled through him on the very first hand. A few hands later Kornuth was sent packing by Andrew Lichtenberger whose A-Q was the top hand when another Ace hit on the flop. For sixth place Kornuth received $251,128.

Next to go was Petrangelo. He ended up in a race with Heath when he got all his chips in with Ah-Ks against Heath’s pocket Queens. The board delivered no help for Petrangelo and he was knocked out in fifth place collecting $335,181.

The final four battled for some time before Yursov was the next sent to the rail on a controversial hand. In the hand Sam Soverel opened for 400,000 and Yurasov pushed all-in. Heath asked for a count and after using up his entire time bank tossed in a time chip for an extra 30 seconds.

Soverel not catching that it was a time chip and not a bet, folded his hand out of turn. Heath now only facing Yursov quickly called. Heath had him dominated with A-Q versus A-10 and won when the board showed Jd-5c-Kh-3h-5h. Yursov walked away with $458,138 for fourth place.

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Soverel was bounced next in third place. He ran into Heath’s A-K while holding K-J suited hearts. He received no help from the board and picked up $640,924.

It came down to heads-up between Heath and Andrew Lichtenberger. When heads-up play began Heath had the chip lead with 18.8 million chips to Lichtenberger’s 14.1 million. The two traded the chip leader a few times before Heath ended it.

On the final hand Lichtenberger went all-in preflop with Ad-Kh and Heath called with Ac-Js. A Jack on the flop gave Heath the lead. When no King materialized on the turn or river it was all over. For second place Lichtenberger cashed $917,232.

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