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Annie Duke Verbally Attacked At WSOP 2012

June 13th, 2012 Author:

Annie Duke Verbally Attacked At WSOP 2012Annie Duke has been cashing in at poker tournaments since 1994 and has risen to become the third highest earning female player in the history of the game with $4,270,549 earnings. Nevertheless, the mother of four hasn’t been so successful in gaining the respects of her poker peers, who over the years have resented her involvement with UltimateBet, the Epic Poker League and the fact her brother Howard Lederer partly owns Full Tilt Poker.

Other people, including Daniel Negreanu, have complained about her arrogance and lack of etiquette around the table, such that her presence at WSOP 2012 has created a fair bit of tension amongst some of her more ardent opposers.

One player who then showed no restraint in launching a verbal assault on Duke was WSOP bracelet holder Jason “TheMasterJ33” Dewitt, who was playing with her at one of the tournaments, when he posted the following tweet:

“12k 75/150 blinds. Annie gets moved to my table. She gets run over and busts A7 vs AJ. I told her to go f**k herself when she busted. 1/2..And that she’s a disgrace to the poker community. She looked surprised and said “thank you” then walked out. #someonehadtosayit.”

Apparently, after the incident Annie Duke sought out the involvement of WSOP officials, which was taken as a cue for other players to weigh in with further comments, with Danish pro Mickey “mementmori” Petersen with $4,825,582 in online winnings, tweeting:

“lol at @AnnieDuke complaining bc someone cursed at her, you are delusional. You are a disgrace to the poker community, please just stay away.”

Poker author Julio Rodriguez then added: “Annie Duke in the hall complaining to TD because someone cursed her out at the table. She’s asking about a penalty, but it’s been ~90 mins.”

Despite coming under verbal attack from her peers, it would seem Annie Duke is carrying on regardless, and even had time to write a poker article for the Huffingtonpost yesterday on the subject of Tilt. There may possibly also be a disguised warning to her detractors buried somewhere in her poker piece, which explains:

“In order to know that we are making a good decision, we also have to know that we are in a rational state of mind..For example, let’s say you are a schizophrenic and you believe that people are following you who want to kill you. If that were true, then staying home to avoid them or carrying a weapon on you and shooting those who are following you are actually pretty good decisions. The problem is that the premise is delusional but the schizophrenic doesn’t know it.”

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13th June 2012

I think she means MPD not schizophrenia, perhaps I don’t know… that’s what tehy told me

14th June 2012
Annie Da Dolt

What an idiot Annie Duke. Gfy and your brother, you’ve scammed so many people!

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