WSOP 2010 Results So Far – Just Two Are Left

After a very intense day the “November Nine” became just two players as Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener were dubbed as the finalist of the WSOP 2010. All of the nine players that fought for the chance to be part of the Final Table worked hard. Some had more impressive stack sizes than others but they all had to sweat to be part of the November Nine and they will see good money for their efforts.
The Final Nine List
When the bubble boy Brandon Steven was eliminated by Matthew Jarvis the final nine players fighting to be part of the WSOP final 2010 could be listed and named as the November Nine. They were as follows:
1.       Jonathan Duhamel, stack:  65,975,000
2.        John Dolan, stack:  46,250,000
3.        Joseph Cheong, stack:  23,525,000
4.        John Racener, stack:  19,050,000
5.        Matthew Jarvis, stack:  16,700,000
6.        Filippo Candio, stack:  16,400,000
7.        Michael Mizrachi, stack:  14,450,000
8.        Soi Nguyen, stack:  9,650,000
9.        Jason Senti, stack:  7,625,000
All of the players that didn’t reach the final two will still win around $1 million which isn’t a small prize sum and will certainly enhance their poker careers.
Easy or Hard Work
Jonathan Duhamel has the largest stack of chips from early Sunday till the end of the rounds. According to his opponent in the Final, John Racener, he had a much easier way to the final than Racener. Duhamel advanced his standing greatly by calling bluff by Joseph Cheong. A few hands after this he eliminated Cheong.
Cheong was truly one of the best players emerging from the games on Saturday but when Duhamel called his bluff it became his downfall. He showed very good attitude and said that he was very pleased with his results and happy with the $4 million they brought.
Michael Mizrachi ended in fifth place after losing his last chips when calling an all-in with a pair of Queens. He simply could not improve against Duhamel’s aces. Mizrachi said he hoped Racener would do well and Racener has a great chance for big money being part of the final duo.
The WSOP 2010 Final Two
John Racener has won more money and prestige during his career than Jonathan Duhamel but the final is not an easy one to call and it will have many viewers eager to see how it all ends. Racener is known for nerves of steel and perhaps his great experience will be what breaks Duhamel. Jonathan Duhamel on the other hand has been the most impressive player stack wise during the last stage of this WSOP 2010. If he continues in the same way there is nothing that can take this final from him. The winner will take home $8.94 million and the runner up is consoled by $5.55 million.