$10k ESPN Bounty Shootout Won By Pat Walsh

Pat Walsh has won the $10k ESPN Bounty Shootout, after overcoming a field of 81 players over three days to collect the title and $241,700 in prize-money.
The event was held at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California and Day 1a saw four players book themselves a place through to Sunday’s nine man final table. Then on Day 1b of the competition, joining Jonathan Duhamel, Shane Schleger, Pat Walsh, Victor Ramdin and Alex Keating at the final table were John Smith, Joe Tehan, Matt Woodward and Ali Eslami.
After Victor Ramdin’s $500,000 win at the $5k Big Event a few days earlier, the Guyanan born pro would have felt disappointed to have been the first player eliminated in 9th for $48,000. Ramdin pushed all-in pre-flop with A-K only to be called by both Matt Woodward and Duhamel (Q-10), who won the hand with a pair of tens.
Team PokerStars Shane “Shaniac” Schleger then found himself out in 8th ($46,000) holding pocket tens to his opponent’s kings, followed soon after by Matt Woodward in 7th ($42,000) when his A-10 could not best John Smith’s K-J.
Joe Tehan holding Ad-10d then made a flush on a 10c-4d-3-8h-Kd board to see off Jonathan Duhamel (Ks-8s) in 6th ($58,000), while John Smith exited in 5th ($58,000) holding K-10 against Keating’s Ac-Qc.
As the pace of the eliminations began to quicken, Joe Tehan soon found himself out in 4th ($56,000) holding Kc-Qc to Walsh’s Ac-Kh and after Alex Keating exited in 3rd ($62,000), the heads-up phase of the tournament got underway.
Despite Walsh having a 4 to 1 chip advantage over Ali Eslami, it took around three hours before the final hand of the tournament was played with Walsh holding 9h-3s to Eslami’s Jd-7d. Eslami limped into the hand and the 9d-8d-5h flop then saw Walsh check-raising his opponent all in, who was pleased to make the call.
Unfortunately for Eslami, the As-3s turn and river failed to improve his promising draw and so he walked away with $56,000, while Pat Walsh was crowned the ESPN Bounty Shootout champion.
Walsh’s impressive  $241,700 pay-day included $40,000 for winning his Round 1 table, $171,700 for winning the final table, and $30,000 in bounties throughout the tournament.