Poker Playing Priest Loses Out To 9/11 Hero In Million Dollar Challenge

Father Andrew Trapp’s poker playing quest to raise money for much needed repairs to his Catholic Church in Garden City Beach, reached a dramatic conclusion as he fell short of his $1 million target on Fox TV’s Million Dollar Challenge.
In what he describes as “one of the most amazing, exciting hours of game show TV ever filmed,” Father Trapp competes for the top prize against former NYPD officer Mike Kosowski, who retired from 21 years of service after sustaining injuries while searching for survivors in the 9/11 aftermath. 
Having been pipped at the post, the magnamanous priest commented: “He ended up beating me and the other two finalists for the shot to play for the million. I’m disappointed. It’s been really tough the past few weeks with everybody asking how I did. I’m happy with the way things turned out. I just think it was meant for Mike to win this.”
Although he didn’t win the top prize, Father Trapp still managed to win $100,000, which went immediately into the church’s repair fund and he has also helped raise awareness as to the plight of St. Michael’s church.
Despite being knocked out by Kosowski, Father Trapp heaped praise on his nemesis, and said: “It’s going to be a very emotional show because even after people see Mike knock me out, they are going to start rooting for Mike. He’s a Sept. 11 hero. I think we all are going to be cheering him on, everybody across the country.”
In keeping with the charitable nature of this particular episode, Kosowski said he will be donating part of his $1 million win to the Families of Freedom 9/11 Scholarship fund and City Harvest New York. And as for the rest, well the retired NY policeman said he will “pay off my mortgage, put some into a nest egg for my daughter’s wedding, fix up the house a little, and put the rest of the money away into retirement savings.”
You can catch the show at 4:30 p.m. Sunday on the Fox TV network.

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