Poker Book Review: Harrington on Hold 'em Volume 2: Endgame

In the second book of his essential poker strategy trilogy, Dan Harrington concentrates his professional focus on the later phases of a poker tournament, when the blinds and antes are getting bigger and the tournament field continues to shrinks.
The first segment of the book offers a thorough explanation of bluffing and slow-playing, and highlights the necessary conditions for their success, including table conditions and player types. He also includes squeeze plays, post oak bluffs and continuation bets, in this chapter.
Harrington then explain in detail the “inflection point theory” which basically states that a players strategic considerations should be determined by his stack size ratio relative to the blinds and antes, which value he calls “M.” He then ingeniously devises a colour coding system to clarify what inflection level a player is at, so as to determine their optimal play in the situation. These zones are divided into green, yellow, orange and red with, for instance, the yellow zone being where the player has between 10 and 20M, and so would be required to loosen up their play in order to stop stack being eaten away by the blinds.
Harrington then goes on to provide a thorough coverage of last stage tournament strategy and push/fold situations. He also delves deeply into short-handed and heads-up play, and reveals some eye-opening insights that will greatly increase a poker players understanding of this crucial stage in a tournament.
All in all, Harrington on Hold ’em Volume 2 is another classic in his three part trilogy, and a must have for any player serious about making it to the very end stages of a poker tournament and in a position to winning the competition outright.

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