Alleged ‘Face the Ace’ Creator Seeks $85 Million Damages

The television show flop ‘Face the Ace’ has been plagued with problems from the outset and is now looking at an $85,000,000 lawsuit from Brandon McSmith who is claiming credit for its creation.
Brandon McSmith is claiming he had previously pitched the concept for the show to Poker PRO-ductions  and was rejected only to see his idea appear on the NBC network two years down the line. Both Poker Productions and NBC have been named in the $85 million lawsuit which seems an incredibly high figure bearing in mind the show has received nothing but scathing criticism and disastrous ratings since airing.
‘Face the Ace’ sank right from the beginning with complaints ranging from mundane hosting to dull heads up matches and by episode three NBC had desperatley tried to salvage the show by introducing more audience interaction but still could not find the formula to make it work.
It now airs on a Saturday afternoon after being moved from its original slot having posted the lowest ratings of any prime time network show on a Saturday night.
Brandon McSmith acknowledged that ‘Face The Ace’ is a ratings disaster but sees the poor reception as ‘Karma’ for stealing his concept. He explained: “I wanted experienced poker commentators as host such as Norman Chad, Sexton, Kaplan, Benza etc.. It hurts that the show I created is doing so bad but the fact is I had no input on how the finished show came out. Now I know how Wesley Snipes felt with his lawsuit over Blade Trinity!”
Following the publicity from his lawsuit Brandon McSmith has become the source of much good natured humour for coming forward as the alleged creator of such an unpopular show. It has even been suggested that NBC would happily pay such a huge amount to shift blame for the shows inception onto someone else.

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