David Peters Wins 2018 Poker Masters Main Event for $1.15 Million

David Peters Wins 2018 Poker Masters Main Event for $1.15 Million

The 2018 Poker Masters has reached its ultimate conclusion after David Peters triumphed over a 25 player field at the $100,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event for $1.15 million. Last week, Peters also bested 69 fellow competitors at the competition’s very first event $10,000 No Limit Hold’em to claim a top prize worth $193,200, and following his latest victory, the US pro commented:

“It was definitely a long week. A lot of battles with a lot of great players.”

Peters won a total of $1,343,200 from his two cashes at the 2018 Poker Masters, more than any other player, but the 650 points he managed to accumulate was 10 points less that that of Ali Imsirovic, who won two events and placed 8th in another for $1,288,600. As a result, Imsirovic was awarded the coveted Purple Jacket, and now joins Germany’s Steffen Sontheimer, who last year won the inaugural Poker Masters Purple Jacket after recording 2 wins and 4 cashes for $2,733,000 in prize money.

2018 Poker Masters Purple Jacket

1st: Ali Imsirovic $1,288,600 (660)
2nd: David Peters $1,343,200 (650)
3rd: Brandon Adams $543,000 (510)
4th: Isaac Haxton $309,900 (480)
5th: Jake Schindler $575,000 (390)
6th: Koray Aldemir $917,000 (385)
7th: Ben Yu $478,000 (360)
8th: Dan Smith $749,500 (305)
9th: Keith Lehr $333,000 (300)
10th: Jonathan Depa $249,500 (270)

$100,000 Main Event

Following a week of solid participation numbers at the high roller series in Las Vegas, just 15 players paid the enormous $100,000 buy-in to take part in its Main Event. By the end of the day only 4 players (Peters, Smith, Kenney, Aldemir) remained, but a further 10 competitors would subsequently take advantage of the late registration on Day 2 to swell the numbers further.

Amongst them was Brandon Adams and Isaac Haxton, who at that stage were the only players still capable of catching Ali Imsirovic in the Purple Jacket race on 510 points and 480 points respectively.

In the end, however, Haxton (K-9) holding two pair lost out to Bryn Kenney’s (10-10) set on an 8-10-9-K-A board to exit in 17th place, while Dan Smith (A-Q) took care of Adams (A-J) in 7th to ensure that no one was left to challenge Ali Imsirovic for this year’s Purple Jacket.

The Main Event’s $2.5 million prize pool meant just four players would receive a return on their buy-ins, with a minimum cash going to Bryn Kenney (Q-10) who was sent to the rail by Aldemir holding a dominating Q-J hand. Nevertheless, Dan Smith (J-J) then knocked out Aldemir (A-9) in 3rd, after which the pro stated:

“I have to admit I’m a little bit disappointed. I thought I made a couple of mistakes today. I wasn’t super happy with my play.”

David Peters vs Dan Smith

David Peters and Dan Smith started heads-up almost level in chips, but the latter would see his stack dwindle by the time the final hand arose. Peters (K-7) moved all-in preflop for 3.7m, while Smith (A-7) made the call putting his remaining 1.3m in chips at risk. The 3-4-10 flop my have given Smith hope of doubling through, but a king on the turn dashed his hopes, with a 6 on the river then sealing his fate. After booking a runner-up finish worth $700,000, Smith stated:

“The games are really tough, It’s quite a challenge.”

Meanwhile, top honors went to David Peters, with the final table money payouts as follows:

1: David Peters $1,150,000
2: Dan Smith $700,000
3: Koray Aldemir $400,000
4: Bryn Kenney $250,000

All Time Money List (10th)

Following his victory, Peter now increases his career winnings to $24,612,763, in the process leapfrogging Scott Seiver ($23,502,071), Steve O’Dwyer ($23,796,124) and John Juanda ($24,071,636) to secure a 10th place position on the ‘All Time Money List’.

Peters’ latest huge win, however, represents just his 5th largest cash to date, and completes a trio of seven figure scores booked by the pro already in 2018. His biggest cash ever came in 2016 after a runner-up finish at the $200k Triton Super High Roller Series WPTN Philippines for $2,699,752. The pro also captured a career first WSOP bracelet the very same year at the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event for $412,557.