Ali Imsirovic Wins Poker Masters $25k NLHE for $462k

Ali Imsirovic Wins Poker Masters $25k NLHE for $462k

Last night, Ali Imsirovic captured the biggest prize awarded so far at this year’s Poker Masters after defeating a 66 player field at Event #5: $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em. The victory worth $462,000 is the Washington State native’s best to date, and boosts his career earnings to $1,605,499 since his first live cash back in 2015.

Imsirovic now moves to third place overall on the Poker Masters Purple Jacket Standings, behind Brandon Adams and Isaac Haxton. Nevertheless, the pro is in good shape to make further gains on his nearest competitors, having last might made the final table of Event #6: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em. Furthermore, Ali Imsirovic (3.63m) holds a commanding league over the other remaining finalists, which includes the likes of Justin Bonomo (980k), Jake Schindler (835k), Koray Aldemir (710k), Seth Davies (465k), and Sam Soverel (430k).

Poker Masters Purple Jacket Standings

1st: Brandon Adams 510
2nd: Isaac Haxton 480
3rd: Ali Imsirovic 360
4th: Ben Yu 360
5th: David Peters 300
6th: Keith Lehr 300
7th: Jake Schindler 270
8th: Jonathan Depa 270
9th: Jason Koon 240
10th: Brian Green 210

Event #5: $25,000 NLHE

The $25,000 NLHE event featured a $1,650,000 prize pool, with the first person to pick up a money prize being Dan Smith (5-5) who was eliminated by Imsirovic (A-A) in 10th for $49,500. Elio Fox (A-9) then sent a short stacked Bryn Kenney (Q-7) to the rail in 9th ($49,500), while Ben Yu (A-J) took care of Dan Shak (Q-J) in 8th ($66,000).

On the final table bubble, Elio Fox (As-8s) subsequently rivered the nut flush on a 9c-10d-9s-Ks-5s board, and after checking his option decided to call Jake Schindler’s (10h-9h) all-in shove. Unfortunately for Fox, his opponent had made a full-house and so he departed in 7th place, albeit having secured a $82,500 payday for his efforts.

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Final Table

Daniel Negreanu made the final table nursing a 7bb stack, and after being dealt 5-2 and bluffing all-in on a 10-9-5 flop, was called by Ben Yu (8-8) who felted the Canadian pro in 6th. At which point the final table turned into the Ali Imsirovic show.

Imsirovic (A-K) first took care of Jason Koon (A-10) in 5th, before being dealt A-9 and handing out the same treatment to a short stacked Jake Schindler who had shoved his remaining chips preflop holding 8-6, and was ultimately eliminated in 4th. Three-handed play then saw Imsirovic (6-6) move all-in preflop, and Brian Rast (A-3) make the call, after which he bowed out on a Q-10-8-10-2 board, leaving Ali Imsirovic and Ben Yu to battle it out for the title.

Ali Imsirovic vs Ben Yu

Imsirovic and Yu are fairly new on the high-roller circuit, having ground out livings on the mid-stakes scene for numerous years. Nevertheless, both have a number of accolades to their credit, including Yu having won three WSOP gold bracelets throughout his career, and Imsirovic having captured three tournament titles prior to his latest win.

Imsirovic started heads-up holding a sizeable lead over his final opponent, however, and just three hands later the deciding moment arrived. Imsirovic (5-5) limped on the button, resulting in an all-in shove from Yu who had been dealt A-6. Imsirovic didn’t waste any time making the call, with the ensuing K-8-5 flop giving Imsirovic a set of fives, which held on turn and river to bring the contest to its conclusion.

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Final Table Results

1st: Ali Imsirovic $462,000
2nd: Ben Yu $330,000
3rd: Brian Rast $214,500
4th: Jake Schindler $165,000
5th: Jason Koon $132,000
6th: Daniel Negreanu $99,000

Two Events Left

While Event #6: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em will crown a champion tonight, the final tournament of the 2018 Poker Masters, the massive buy-in $100,000 Main Event, will also get underway later today, and unlike the competition’s other contests will be decided over three days of play.