PokerView Poker Site Shuts Down

PokerView Poker Site Shuts DownOnline poker site PokerView has become the latest skin on the Merge Gaming Network to shut shop. PokerView now becomes the fifth Merge skin to go out of business over the past three months, following in the footsteps of RPM Poker, Hero Poker, Overbet and Iron Duke. Furthermore, the fortunes of Merge Gaming has continued to decline since Lock Poker, True Poker and Black Chip Poker all deserted Merge Gaming in favour of other networks.
Back on February 15th, PokerView announced that an affiliate site had  made an offer to purchase their business. However, it would seem the deal either fell through or  Merge Gaming Network was the ultimate buyer, as an excerpt from the message currently displayed on the PokerView site, reads:
“..PokerView will cease to operate as of 6:00 p.m. (EST) on April 1, 2013..We want to take this moment to assure you that your player funds are secure; and you will have access to your funds and the ability to play on the Merge Gaming Network. All player funds will continue to be managed by Merge Gaming in the usual course.”
PokerView customers will now have the option of transferring their money over to the preferred partners of Merge Gaming, namely Carbon Poker, or PlayersOnly. Nevertheless, despite player funds being safe, any VIP Points, tournament tickets and uncleared bonuses will be forfeited.
PokerView Poker originally launched on the Everleaf Gaming skin in February 2011, utilizing webcams in order to recreate a life-like poker playing environment. PokerView then moved to Merge Gaming in September that same year in order to increase its player pool but, in spite of assurances by Merge Gaming, the network was unable to improve its software to support webcam poker tables. Thereafter, interest in the one time innovative PokerView started to wane.

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