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PokerStars Full Tilt Poker Deal In Jeopardy

May 24th, 2012 Author:

PokerStars Full Tilt Poker Deal In JeopardyLast month it was announced PokerStars was considering the purchase of  Full Tilt Poker as part of a wider deal to settle their own affairs with the U.S. Justice Department. Although details have remained sketchy, $750 million was suggested by Chilipoker CEO Alexandre Dreyfus, as a possible figure for the purchase which would include full settlement with the DOJ, as well as the return of around $330 million in players’ balances.

That unsubstantiated rumour might now seem even more ethereal after the Spanish government’s recent insistence that online companies wishing to obtain a gambling license in their country would now have to pay millions of euros in back taxes. Already, has agreed to fork out €33.6 million in order to satisfy the Spanish government’s demands, while yesterday Sportingbet, too, said they would pay €17.2 million for their Spanish operation between January 2009 and May 2012.

However, these huge sums pale in comparison compared to what PokerStars may have to pay in order to stay in Spain, which has a lucrative online gambling market predicted to be worth €800 million by 2014. As G-poker spokesman Jeremy Taylor explains:

“PokerStars is estimated to owe $257 million in back taxes. That’s a huge sum of money, especially now that PokerStars is allegedly in negotiations with the Department of Justice to acquire Full Tilt Poker and repay former Full Tilt players. The question is, with this unplanned financial burden, can PokerStars proceed with its alleged plans to buy Full Tilt Poker?”

Being the world’s largest online poker room does come with some major advantages, though. In 2010, for instance, PokerStars generated $1.4 billion in gross revenues amounting to $500 million in annual profits or $1.37 million dollars per day.

Nevertheless, the more than $1 billion allegedly requested by the US DoJ, as well as the Spanish government may prove a step to far for the online poker monolith. With the Spanish government expected to start issuing licenses after June 1st, we’ll try to keep you updated on any developments to this story as they occur.

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24th May 2012

PokerStars is not broke, this is a billion dollar company. Further, they’re not required to pay those taxes unless they want to operate in Spain. As such, they are negotiating payments so that they can continue operations and most importantly, because they can afford it.

26th May 2012

What deal ? Lol. There’s nothing to back up that PS are planning on buying FT. Pokerstars refuse to comment.

26th May 2012

Joe – youignorantslut. All of our money is gone and we are not getting it back. Live with it.

28th May 2012

I don’t care much about the money anymore, I didn’t have an awful lot in there I am only an amateur player, but FTP was easily the best site i’ve played on for purely entertainment purposes. Can’t wait to get back playing there! One day maybe…

30th May 2012
Not so John Doe

yea, could you start playing again? we need more fishes to join to keep the ecosystem running properly

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