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Online Bad-Beat Poker Jackpot Hit for $994k

January 11th, 2018 Author:

Online Bad-Beat Poker Jackpot Hit for $994kOn Sunday, a number of players on the Chico Network had plenty of cause to celebrate after its bad beat jackpot was struck for a whopping $994,119. Furthermore, the windfall represented the first time the jackpot had been released in almost six months, as well as the biggest BBJ payout since its implementation back in 2016.

The Chico Network covers three poker sites (,, and and is currently ranked as the 15th busiest network in the world with a 7-day average of 700 cash game players. Helping the Chico Network attain such a high standing, however, is the fact that it operates within the “gray market” and so continues to accept US customers.

The hand in question then took place during a game of 6-max $1/$2 NLHE at one of its BBJ tables, with all six seats occupied, but two players sitting out. Tyrant (Jd-Jc) subsequently put in a $5 preflop raise, after which pokerplayer4ever (Qd-Td) re-raised to $18, leading to the other two players folding, and Tyrant making the call.

The action 8d-9d-Jd flop then made pokerplayer4ever a straight-flush to Tyrant’s set of jacks, with the latter improving later to quads after a 4d and Jd fell on turn and river. The final round of betting saw Tyrant check-call pokerplayer4ever’s all-in shove for $179.22, only to ultimately lose the $400 pot.

Nevertheless, Tyrant collected the lion’s share of the bad beat jackpot worth $273,382, while pokerplayer4ever was awarded $149,018.49 for winning the hand. Meanwhile, the other two players seated at the table took home $74,509 a piece for merely being there. In addition, a further 93 players seated at other BBJ tables across the network also received a payment of $598.87 each, making for a profitable day all round for almost a hundred Chico Network customers.

Timing is everything, though, and unfortunately the two players who had been sitting out the game were not entitled to a share of the jackpot and so missed out on winning more than $37,000 each.

Finally, the BBJ has now been reset to $273,382.82, with that amount based upon a 27.5% share of the previous cracked BBJ jackpot total, or in this case the sum of money won by Tyrant.

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