Top Poker Tweets Of The Week

Top Poker Tweets Of The WeekHere are some of the top tweets posted by poker pros for the last week in August:
Andrew Robl
“2nd out in Macau 2mill HKD (250k usd) – goes nicely with my being 2nd out of one drop this summer! :/”
Daniel Negreanu
“Just watched Romney speech and don’t see this guy having a shot in hell. He’ll get crushed in debates. Why did he threaten Russia? Weird.. I’m going to bet an obscene amount of money that Obama is re-elected. Very little matters between now and election. Most people have decided.”
Tom Dwan
“Solid decision by judge weinstein about poker being a game of skill. Refreshing to see people capable of independent logical thought.”
Dan Wretchy Martin
“Almost arrested first night for pissing in public. Skated for $35 us. Lol holy f**k. Happy to not be in Mexican jail.”
Matt Vengrin
“RT @enlightened: It is not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it is refusing to fail.”
Jamie Gold
“@simonsam: I was really worried about climate change, but if Mitt’s not, neither am I!”
Josh Brikis
“Clint Eastwood just beasted that speech for the Republican Convention.”
Matthew Waxman
“Holy crap, it was only $29k! Can’t believe how cheap boats are. Must not have included an engine.”
Liv Boeree
“Technically “won” the tourney tonight so the bounty is unclaimed – it’s gonna be donated to @MarieCurieUK , an excellent cause!”
Jason Mercier
“Was just asked by @KJulius10 , “is partouche in Cannes or Cannes in partouche??” Lolol #youcantmakethisup”
Timothy Adams
“Best thing about playing poker in a foreign country is not having to hear or understand bad beat stories in poker rooms.”
Dani Stern
“@falcao1989: @TheRealAnsky phil hellmuth is a total douche. Agree?” agree.”
Eugene Katchalov
“Went to a Hennessy cognac ‘black tie’ event to tonight at the Fairmont hotel in Kiev. Very fancy, but not my style..Was served $3k per-bottle cognac. Too bad I’m not a big fan of alcohol.”

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