Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: HOF, Trolls, And Mexican Dogs

Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: HOF, Trolls, And Mexican DogsHere are a selection of some of the top poker tweets coming from the pros over the past week:
Doyle Brunson
“I feed the alligator scraps of meat from the butcher. Better stay out of my back yard! Allie doesn’t like strangers.”
“@TexDolly I still remember the man you murdered in Lubbock Texas 30 years ago.”
Doyle Brunson
“This guy has made 3 tweets. 2 of them are about me killing some guy in Lubbuck.#wrongguypal”
Phil Hellmuth
“Re Poker Hall of Fame, @Erik_Seidel and I agree that @RealKidPoker is a “First ballot Hall of Famer” and I will give him 5 of my 10 votes.”
“Re Poker Hall of Fame: @ForrestTed beat the biggest cash games in the world for 15 years, and picked up 6 @WSOP Bracelets along the way!”
Russ “Dutch” Boyd
“I’m torn between @ForrestTed and @HuckleberrySeed.. and have to agree that @RealKidPoker is a lock for Poker’s Hall of Fame. #poker.”
Erik Seidel
“Poker HOF shouldn’t rely solely on public for nominees. 4 top choices missing: @LuckBoxJuanda, @CarlosMortensen , Gus Hansen, Bobby Hoff.. People who object to Gus, have no idea how brilliant & influential a tourney player he is. He crushed the tour when he played.”
David Baker
“Wonderif @Airbnb will help me with a refund since the dog dwnstrs just bit my leg, drew blood, I have to walk past it every day for a month.. The fucking dogs that bit me two days ago made another aggro move at me. Luckily the Mexican police policy is to snap shoot them if called.”
David Sands
“Well it took two months, but congratulations @nflcommish for recognizing that knocking women unconscious is worse than smoking pot.”
Amanda Musumeci
“Another day… Another bustout at the 3k level when Old lady heroed it off vs my 3 barrels w 88 on a T9xKK then lost AJ vs 33 for the rest:(”
Bryan Micon
“walking into Aria, phone goes to 3g for 1st time ever, snap airplane mode. bunch of fake cell towers after Defcon no shit sherlock.. Srsly @briankrebs or someone that knows thier shit in Vegas check the Aria self parking choke point entrance for fake cell tower shenanigans.”
Paul Volpe
“Someone said to me yesterday, ” u sooo stoooopid” really drawn out. I responded with a gooooood.”
Allen Cunningham
“Some players seem to go by the tenet “whoever raised preflop is less likely than normal to have something post flop”
Tiffany Michelle
“Who wakes up early on vacation in Hawaii to watch #NFL & #PGA?!? Me and @MariaHo apparently. #sportsjunkies .. Maria has dragged my ass outta bed at 3am to watch the sunrise in Hawaii. The things I do for this girl! This better be worth it @MariaHo!.. You know you’re up early when #Starbucks isn’t even open!”

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