Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Coren's EPT Victory, Selbst's Crimean Schooling,

Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Coren's EPT Victory, Selbst's Crimean Schooling,Here are a selection of some of the top poker tweets coming from the pros over the past week:
Victoria Coren Mitchell
“On Sunday I was going to tweet a link to my poker-themed autobiography for anyone with a new interest in the game – I didn’t do it because…. it might feel like I was trying to sell something and that would be horrid. BUT I’ve just noticed that.. Today the Kindle version is on ‘daily deal’ so if you’re curious to read about my weird gambly life it is just 99p!”
Chris Moorman
“Wow just got off a flight to see @VictoriaCoren won all of Europe’s money for the second time! Huge congrats to a British poker legend.”
Vanessa Selbst
“Example of why live poker is cool: sat next to a guy from Crimea & he’s giving me a way better account of situation than any US media source.. Cliffs: 60% of Crimeans supported change despite recognizing Putin isn’t democratic leader. Ukraine treated them poorly for 25 yrs.”
Matt Salsberg
Table got a tad more Jewy as halfer Isaac Baron joins. @JonAguiar joins too. He’s not one but his GF is so he’s honorary.. On getting in KK vs QQ. “I was so scared he’d hit a Q my penis went back up inside me like a frightened turtle” – Scott Baumstein.”
Bryan Devonshire
“If they had told me in career class that I could end up a professional gambler then I would have paid more attention in math class.”
Cliff Josephy
“Been a while since I’ve outed a poker player who uses the urinal then walks right out without washing his hands. Beware Uncle Krunk’s chips.. Hahahahaha “@BobbyOboodi: @JohnnyBaxPoker just lost an absurd hand to him…prob for the best?”
Robert Mizrachi
“If u decide to get married in the US. It’s like taking AQ and trying to beat AK.Going against all odds. But 1/4 times it’ll work out.”
Christian Harder
“Just saw a dude with a “Guns don’t kill people, Dads with daughters do” tshirt. #murica”
Matt Stout
“925k (avg ~1.63M) @ 20/40k 34 left. My poker uncle @MattGlantz emptied the clip w 22 on AT6cc4x2x and I paid him off… Now, I’m not saying I don’t still love @MattGlantz, but if he spontaneously combusted I probably wouldn’t rush to find a fire extinguisher.”
Phil Hellmuth
“Played in a nice $200-$400 Mix game at Borgata, won $700, but managed poorly! I was up $10K: I should have quit when I hit $5K winner.”
Jon Eaton
“I was having a terrible day, then i got reeeeeeally high, started winning some pots, then won a huge flip & turned an A w/ AK v AJ in 3b pot.. bam m****f****, won back all that money i lost & ran earlier. this time i hit & ran after an hour.”
Tod Brunson
“Wow. Playing darts and my white friend steps outside. So it’s me and two japs. I tell them a trick I discovered on the dart machine… they have known about it for 2 years. Apparently I am a stupid hillbilly, white trash, moron. I guess I know how he feels now…”

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