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Tearful Brad Booth Praying For WSOP Success To Save Poker Career

June 14th, 2012 Author:

Tearful Brad Booth Praying For WSOP Success To Save Poker CareerAt the beginning of June, a post appeared on the TwoPlusTwo forum accusing Canadian cash poker pro Brad Booth of failing to pay back a $30k loan to Douglas “WCGrider” Polk.

Before then, it was fairly well known in the poker community of the crippling bankroll problems faced by Booth, especially since being scammed out of around $2.5 million at Ultimate Bet. After all, as the 35 year old explained in 2011:

“If you look at the approximately $4.2 million I lost over the past three and a half years – it’s kind of a blur and I don’t remember the exact dates — 98 percent of that total came online.”

Now in his latest video blog on YouTube, a tearful Brad Booth has acknowledged his debt to Douglas Polk, whilst giving an insight into the desperate situation in which he currently finds himself. Apparently, at the time of the loan Booth had a $55k bankroll to his name which he then proceeded to blow in one night of gambling. Subsequently, Booth confesses to being absolutely broke while still owing a lot of people a lot of money.

At a loss on how to extradite himself from his situation, Brad Booth made a pledge to the poker community not to gamble in the pit, drink alcohol or play online until he has full control back of his life.  He then goes on to explain he is currently competing at the 2012 WSOP, where he is being funded to the tune of $100k in a 50-50 split deal with his backers. Booth said he intends to give 75% of his winnings to his creditors, while also explaining:

“I’m not looking for sympathy, I deserve all the scrutiny, I deserve to be outed because I’ve kind of gotten away with a lot the last four years, more than the poker community should allow.”

So far at WSOP 2012, Brad Booth has just managed one cash at Event#23: $3k Six Handed NLHE, where he finished 73rd for $5,927. Still, we are only a third of the way through the series, and in the meantime there will be plenty of people rooting for Booth to have a successful run in Las Vegas this summer.

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14th June 2012

The whiney ass smuck blew 3 million and ripped off people maybe he should leave the pokerworld before he becomes poker’s male Jane Fonda

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