Poker Tweets: Crypto-Geddon!

Poker Tweets: Crypro-Geddon!In December, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin went on another huge bull run, in the process bringing major rewards to the many poker players who have been invested in the space over the past few years. January and early February is usually considered a bad time of the year for Bitcoin investments, though, and 2018 has certainly been no exception with its price plummeting from a height of nearly $20,000 to a recent trough of around $6,000.
Of course, investing in cryptocurrencies can be a harrowing experience at the best of times, but even the cool, calculating poker pros usually noted for their nerves of steel couldn’t help but get caught up in the FUD gripping the market over the past month and half or so. While their portfolios may have been severely eroded, one thing that the pros didn’t lose, however, was their sense of perspective and humor, with the following representing some of the best tweets posted over this extremely trying period.
Doug Polk
“Hope everyone spent their #Bitcoin for some Lambo’s in January. At this point it’s looking like a much stronger investment vehicle.”
Nevertheless, Polk said he’s not ready to give up on cryptocurrencies just yet, and would continue releasing videos on the subject rather than more poker content as he sees more room for growth in the former industry rather than the latter.
Fedor Holz
Meanwhile, Germany’s number one tournament player Fedor Holz offered some practical advise to the legion of cryptocurrency holders out there, tweeting:
“Jokes aside: I suggest to make risk management a high priority. Its a tail-heavy investment. I trade less than once a week (I’m mainly bullish on the tech) and react to events. I keep around 7- 7.25% of my net worth in crypto. So I sold on the way up and start buying more now.”
Here are some other entertaining tweets coming from the pros over the past few days:
Dan Cates
“I don’t really *get* panic selling. If you lose a lot of money, don’t you want to GET EVEN and not bite the loss?”
Haralabos Voulgaris
“In retrospect, I should have known that we reached peak Crypto when the guy who was selling UWheels ‘hoverboards’ in my building a few years ago started offering Crypto Seminars. Oh well.”
“Small poker downswing, big crypto downswing, looking for work.”
Dutch Boyd
“A lot of people are predicting crypto prices right now. They are grabbing numbers from the wind. If you are a #hodler like me, look at this chart and ask yourself honestly how you feel. Because I feel anxiety, not anger or depression… It could be a long way down. #btc #eth”
Scott Vener
“This summer WSOP fields are shrinking by the minute.”

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